Candle Money Magic

Candle Money Magic

Flash spells are a type of spell I used to write all the time over at (the now defunct) They are quick, to the point, and does not need a lot of ingredients. Thought I’d bring them back 🙂

Need some cash – give this simple spell a try.


  • 1 green candle w/holder
  • Patchouli or Basil oil
  • 1 brown paper (from a brown paper bag is fine)
  • Sharp object


  • Write the precise amount you need on the brown paper.
  • With the sharp object – carve your name and date of birth into the candle.
  • Dress the candle with the oil of your choice – start in the middle w/9 strokes up and then in the middle with 9 strokes down – while imagining yourself getting that money – a check, a raise, money re-paid, etc…
  • Put the candle in its holder and place it on top of the brown paper.
  • Burn the candle for 9 – 15 min daily for at least 9 days until the candle burns down.
  • Bury the candle & brown paper outside or in a potted plant.

Repeat every 3 months as needed.

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