Candle Love Magnet

Candle Love Magnet

Want to draw an almost perfect (since there is no such thing as perfect) love to you? Give this simple candle spell a try.

Supplies: 1 Pink Candle, Pen, Ginger Oil, Powdered Sugar (or Orris Root), Cinnamon and Lavender, Candlestick


With the PEN, carve into the PINK CANDLE the important attributes you are looking for in a mate.

Place the PINK CANDLE in your projective hand (the one you write with) and pour into that candle your need to find an almost perfect love. Imagine that love in your mind – when you can no longer imagine the love or the feelings associated with it – they have passed into the candle.

Create an HERBAL MIX by mixing together the POWDERED SUGAR, CINNAMON and LAVENDER – set aside.

Anoint the PINK CANDLE with the GINGER OIL – starting in the middle and up 9 strokes, then again in the middle and down 9 strokes.

Roll the PINK CANDLE into the HERBAL MIX.


Light the PINK CANDLE. As it burns, imagine yourself in the almost perfect love relationship already – feel the emotions associated with that love. Once you can no longer imagine and feel that love, the magic has begun.

Let the PINK CANDLE burn for at least 9 minutes. If you must put it out, use a snuffer as blowing it out causes the energy to scatter.

Bury the melted wax.

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