Can You Use Visualization to Help Others?

Can You Use Visualization to Help Others?


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There is much written on the power of the Law of Attraction and on using visualization to bring forth a better life. It’s an excellent tool for those who believe in it and who use it to improve themselves. But, is it possible to use the same techniques to help others?

If you are a proponent of the Law of Attraction, then you already know that you can take command of your destiny by declaring your will to the universe. Since we are all part of that universe, and we interconnect via a cosmic channel of sorts, then we should by extension, be able to help others.

If you are skilled at using visualization, and there are specific techniques that you need to apply, then you can help others. If someone is having difficulty finding work, why not visualize how you see them in a new job or career? You will find plenty of examples of people who swear this works.

Of course, this begs the question of whether it’s possible to use negativity to hurt someone with the Law of Attraction purposely. If you are capable of helping people who you feel deserve it, why not heap a bunch of bad luck on people whom you dislike? The trouble is that same negative energy will be used to bring about bad situations for you as well. While it may work to bring down your enemies, so to speak, because you are using it negatively, the results will not bode well for you. Think about the phrase two wrongs don’t make a right.

Here’s some food for thought.

Why not use your powers for good? In other words, if there is someone who you are not fond of, why not visualize something beautiful to happen to them? It may even be the factor that turns them around. You never know what people are going through in life. Your positive visualization can break them from a problem they may be experiencing that is causing their normal and undesired behavior.

Another way to help people with using the Law of Attraction and visualization is to teach them how to do it for themselves. This way, if they run into some trouble in the future, they can help themselves and not have to rely on you. Also, let them know that it can be used to help others. It is paying it forward at its finest.

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