Calming Talisman

Calming Talisman

Do you think that you’ll be in a situation where calmness is needed? Maybe a first date? A once-in-a-lifetime meeting or maybe public speaking? Let this talisman help.

Take one rough or tumbled AMETHYST and place *3 drops of LAVENDER essential oil and 3 drops of BERGAMOT onto the stone. Let the stone absorb the oil before you carry it (if you don’t want to wait – place it in some cloth so that the oil does not seep through your clothes).

Carry the AMETHYST with you and when needed – hold in your receptive hand (the hand you do not write with) to let its influence flow into your body.

Repeat as needed.

*If you do not wish to use oil, but the herbs instead. Let the AMETHYST sit in a non-metal bowl with equal amounts of LAVENDER & BERGAMOT, enough to cover the stone. Let the stone sit there overnight. Follow the usage above.*

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