Butterflies, Ted And A New Past Life!

Butterflies, Ted And A New Past Life!

Happy Mother’s Day to you moms – as well as you dads who fill both pivotal roles. Bless all of you. Parenting is the hardest, and most rewarding, career on Earth. Of course, there are times where I may argue that point:) Today is not one of them. My son made me a very nice yarn/can pencil holder in preschool and presented it to me with pride — along with a very nice butterfly pencil & eraser.

I’ve been told for years to embrace the medicine of the butterfly, that this wonderful creature is one of my animal totems. This is why when I get something with a butterfly – it holds a very special meaning to me. No surprise that when I moved into my house, the room that would be my office was already wall papered in flowers & butterflies. I get little butterfly items all the time. To most they would appear to be random, but to me — I just know;) I also know that I am blessed with the medicines of the Dragonfly, Horse, Panther, Dolphin, Jaguar, Squirrel and Cat.

I have noticed that many people access my site via the “Gypsy Lore” page. Because of this (and since I haven’t updated it in years) I’m working on that page. I added a couple more items today. During dream visits last night, Ted kept reiterating about “The Black Triangle” and how I have to get the book done. I can remember one part that he took my hand and we went into a large crystal. Inside the crystal we could look back through our past lives. I didn’t realize how many lives he and I have spent together as lovers – a good solid couple – not all tragic lovers as I had come to believe. I asked to be shown about Bill and I. But Ted said that the crystal only shows the past lives of those who were in the chamber. So if I want to know more about Bill and I – he would have to meet me here. But since Bill has walled himself off in some corner, going through some sort of destructive pattern – it will be some time before he and I will visit the crystal.

I can’t even telepathically connect to Bill. He has walled himself off from all. There will be a time soon where he will feel that Ted is getting too close to me and he will be back with some strong energy. Now Ted normally steps back when Bill does this – but I don’t think that this is the case any longer. Ted is up to the same level we are and is not so easily swayed.

One life in particular stands out from dream time. I was lying in Ted’s arms, under a tree. He was reading me poetry – Yeats. In that split second, I could feel all of the love, security and happiness that life brought to both of us. We were not wealthy people, common folk. But he was the country doctor. We were paid in terms of food, favors. We were very rich in friends, love and respect. I wasn’t a nurse – but worked hand and hand with him – assisting in herbal remedies. In this current life, I know that Ted is a fan of Yeat’s poetry. I wonder if he consciously has made the past life connection?

Last night, my 3-stone pendant has been giving off what I call – a life-force energy. It was under my shirt, on my bare skin and it made my heart chakra tingle – almost like sparks of life force were being exchanged. I find that when this happens – either Ted or Bill have made a shift. And since it was happening so much that the energy was actually annoying with the electrical “pops” it must be both. This morning I can still feel the tingle in my heart chakra. I haven’t put my 3-stone pendant on yet to see if anything else happens today.

I’d better get my tush in gear. Meeting my mother for lunch and I wouldn’t want to be late!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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