Busyness, Another Book And Full Steam Ahead!

Busyness, Another Book And Full Steam Ahead!

I’m immediately taken into a room that is full of papers, 8 x 11 paper, stacked high, everywhere I look, this is what I see. In the midst of it al is a desk with — my lap top. So I sit. I see my screensavers kicking it in with some really nice photos I have of different people. I hit the space bar to stop the screensaver and I’m now looking at a calendar. It is a day planer, sort of thing, with that date April 14 2008 on top. Below it are many appointments – meetings, an interview, a flight at 2:00 to NYC. I look down on the desk and I notice a manuscript. I thumb through it and it is a sequel to my book, ‘The Black Triangle”. Jeta, Stefan and baby Christian and their lives post WWII. The discrimination that Jeta goes through, the mental torment of Stefan as he cannot decide if he’s German or a Rom – either or he is blasted by whomever he comes across. Christian – now a boy age 5 or 6 – disappears or is taken by members of the Nazi party. I can see a trade of Jeta for her son.

I feel a hand on my right shoulder – it’s Jezel. She asks if I’m surprised about this book. I tell her sort of, but I had a feeling….. She says that this too does very well. I ask – when do I find the time to write? She smiles and tells me no worries – I find the time. When I am done with this book – I will have several others already to my credit. I write a lot in the mornings before my son gets up for school. Then while he is in school I attend to other tasks and then rewrite in the early afternoon, so that I am done when he comes home. After he is in bed is my quiet. alone time. I travel on weekends to workshops and get-a-ways, he is always at my side.

Where are my animals when I’m gone? She says that I only have the cats to worry about. Where are my dogs? She says – don’t trouble yourself with this right now – all will work out.

How early do I get up in the morning? 4:00 am is her reply. Yuck I say….that is too early. I get used to it she says. This is all that you need to know right now, it’s time for you to get back to work — you have a full plate.

With that — all is gone and I am indeed – back at my desk.

Hummm……Jezel is right – my plate is full and then some. If you have sent me an email within the last day or so — I’ve got it and I’ll try to get back to you later tonight or tomorrow.

Time to go — I’m sure that I’ll have more later!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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