Business Clients and Sales Boast!

Business Clients and Sales Boast!

Do you run your own business? Have you found that clients are few and far between? Well then give this a try!

On a PIECE OF PAPER write down how many CLIENTS you want per month. Break them down into # of returning clients and # of new clients. Then write down your target SALES per month.

Sprinkle the paper with BASIL, ALLSPICE, CINNAMON, MUSTARD (preferably dried – if you have none, then a drop of store mustard) and POWDERED SUGAR while you imagine your target clients and sales being a reality.

Fold the PAPER so that the HERBS stay inside the folds. Tie it with a GREEN or ORANGE thread/ribbon.

Place the PAPER near where you do work or by the front door if clients walk in and out of your business. Replace monthly.

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