Buhlman. Bruce, Bill Plus I And OBE!

Buhlman. Bruce, Bill Plus I And OBE!

An observation I made this morning. For the last couple of nights I have had dream visits with Bill. One was him in a crowded mall, with a young boy. The two were walking through the mall, laughing and having a great time. I walked past them – neither saw me. I thought to myself – where are they going? So I turned around and followed them – walking right beside the pair and staring at Bill. He had on a red, long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans. I never did see the boys face, but the couldn’t have been more then 6 or 7 (hummm…wonder if it was my son). I kept wondering – why doesn’t he acknowledge me – why doesn’t he see me? He appears to looks around me, but never at me. I wake up.

Then last night I can see him at some sort of function – not sure what. But he is center stage. I can remember being on top of water – like there was a pool on the inside of this place. It was large like a natatorium. He was being escorted across the water by a jet ski and surrounded by men in suits. he waves to everyone – I can hear people yelling his name. He gets off the jet ski and goes out a door. I’m immediately in a hall way. I see a bunch of people run one way – and then I see a door closing the opposite. I know it’s him. Now I’m outside on the sidewalk. He has on a white t-shirt, blue jeans, a black cap (like a ski cap with no ball on top), dark sunglasses, scruffy facial hair and he is on a cell phone – oh – and with a cig in his mouth. I thought to myself – I knew he’d come out that door. I hear a voice say – why did you know? I answer – because I know him better than he knows himself. I’m now next to him, I can smell his cig smoke – but again – he looks around me when he looks up – not at me.

I thought today – that both visits were very odd as he has never come out and ignored me before. I could sense both times that he knew I was around, but didn’t recognize that it was me or…really didn’t see me. So I was an observer in both visits – watching him in my astral/real-time body and he couldn’t see me. I don’t think that this was at the present. The 1st visit was in the future – he looked rested, happy, his hair was long – shoulder length. The one from last night may be slightly in the future by maybe a day or two – but combined with what I could say a fantasy/dream of his with the water. So instead of us having a shared visit – I visited him in HIS dreams/reality and he had no idea I was there.

I’ve been learning more about astral projection in real-time, the astral plane and being intertwined with day time – or night time fantasies – this is called astral reflection. This could be why some visions or visits I do seem so out there as they are combined with whomever I’m visiting day dream/fantasy. I’m learning all about this in a book called “Astral Dynamics” by Robert Bruce. Now mind you – this book has been in my face for the last 5 years. No matter what book store I went to, or online store – I always came across this book. I finally bought it and it’s pretty good. Although all of the different energy bodies and merging – etc…can get very confusing.

Robert Bruce has a good exercise on his web site for new energy ways: http://astraldynamics.com/tutorials/?BoardID=18

Here is an excerpt from that page:

“Following is a brief explanation and hands-on demonstration practices for running energy with the New Energy Ways System – called ‘NEW’ for short. NEW Energy Ways is cornerstone of the superior practices developed by Robert Bruce. No prior skills or experience is required and most people get results immediately.

Practicing NEW methods significantly increases energy body activity, thereby greatly accelerating all aspects of spiritual development, including healing ability, astral projection, aura sight, remote viewing, and all other psychic abilities.NEW is a simple yet powerful method of directly simulating your energy body with your tactile senses – a true armchair system. It is easy to learn and to use. The majority of students move energy well and experience noticeable energy movement sensations during their first practice session.

Energy movements are felt with a variety of predictable sensations, including warmth, tingling, heaviness, tightness, bone deep tickling and buzzing.The human energy body can be likened to a subtle reflection of its physical counterpart, including central nervous and circulatory systems and major organs. The energy body contains several interdependent energy systems.

The primary circuit (containing major charkas) is the higher energy circuit responsible for all psychic and spiritual abilities. But this cannot be properly used (barring natural ability) until its subtle underlying circuitry (secondary chakra system) has been developed. NEW is an easy-to-learn method for developing and strengthening the secondary and primary systems.

The underlying principles of NEW can be found in all Eastern energy systems, like Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi, Yoga, and Tantra, albeit in obtuse and difficult to comprehend forms. But NEW Foundations has been designed completely for Westerners, using easily understandable Western terminology.Essentially, NEW is a tactile system (based on the sense of touch and ‘feel’) that utilizes focused body awareness actions to move energy through your body.

In practice, when one’s attention is focused in a specific part of one’s body, that part becomes energetically stimulated. When this focus of body awareness is given motion-meaning, when one focuses on a specific body part and then moves that focus through the body-the underlying energy body structures of that area are directly stimulated. This body awareness movement causes energy body stimulation and development.In this way, energy can be moved at will throughout the body, and specific energy centers (chakras) can be targeted and directly stimulated. This stimulates higher levels of energy body functioning, opening the way to psychic and spiritual abilities.”

To read more visit his web site: http://astraldynamics.com/tutorials/?BoardID=18

Robert Bruce also has another book: “Mastering Astral Projection” which I also have and have not had a chance to look at. Plus I discovered he has a great BB on astral projection here: http://forums.astraldynamics.com/

Robert Bruce is going to have a workshop here in Cleveland in June 2006. I’m considering going. Any one else in the area going?

I’ve also read books by William Buhlman – “Adventures Beyond The Body” and “The Secret Of The Soul” . I haven’t gotten to Secrets yet – but it’s sitting just waiting for me. He has some tips on his site as well: http://www.out-of-body.com/techniques/index.html

Both men are very good and give great explanations and tips. However – for me I keep feeling that neither is the key to what I need. My doorway into remembering and controlling my OBE lies within me and I will come across the “click” that will unlock that door. Just like everything else that I’ve experienced – I do not fall into a nice neat category or routine – I’m wired differently. This can at times be frustrating at best. But it’s also a challenge, a mystery to find out what I can do to unlock
that next door. My next secret lies with the astral projecting and in my dreams. I just need to find that pathway to remembrance and I know that what I find will help so many other people. All I can do is to keep trying things until I hit the right cord.

The podcast has gone through the roof – I’m really amazed on how well it has caught on. I’ve exceeded my bandwidth – which is good – but bites because now I have to pay extra:) I’m going to upgrade that account and pronto!

Re-did the web site. Not the whole thing, just some pages. Added the coaching, classes and more workshops to the schedule. I’m really excited about the changes I made and I can’t wait to be in more of a mentor role than in a doer role:)

Ahhhhh the kid bellows for my presence — I’d better scoot!

Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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