Book Marketing: Start A Podcast

Book Marketing: Start A Podcast

Why start a podcast? Because it will help, build a relationship between you and your readers. Besides, podcasting is fun and relatively inexpensive to do.

Besides, podcasting is fun and relatively cheap to do.

My podcast, Ask Allie, has brought me 13 years of connections, raving fans, and a way for me to get my message out. I love doing it every week.

The episodes do not have to be very long. Mine usually last anywhere between 15 – 25 min. Over 30 min if I’m on a roll.  But they do have to be three things.

The Three Must-Haves For A Podcast

  1. Need to have a theme. For ‘Ask Allie’ it’s – Life advice with a metaphysical twist.
  2. Need to be organized. I list the outline of each podcast episode in the show’s notes.
    Example:July 25, 2016Ask Allie Podcast: Life Advice with a Metaphysical Twist!**Show Format*** Introduction* What’s New?* Tarot Overview of the Week

    * Topic: Hope vs. Doubt

    * Closing remarks

  3. Need to be consistent. If it’s a weekly podcast, make sure it goes out weekly on the same day every week. Ask Allie releases a new episode every Monday.

Based on what I’m going to go over for the episode, I write out an outline. This outline is for my eyes only.

Here’s my podcast outline that matches the episode above in #2:

Ask Allie Podcast


Welcome to Ask Allie, your place for life advice with a metaphysical twist. Today is Mon 7/25/16 thank you for tuning in and giving me a listen to.

If you’d like to support me and the Ask Allie podcast on Pateron – that information to do that is also in the show’s notes.



Aug 31st



TAROT Overview of the Week


Hope vs. Doubt

We face choices by the dozens per hour.

People normally base their current decisions on past experiences for a future payout.

We base the PRESENT on the PAST for the FUTURE.

Think about that for a second. What’s wrong with that?

It breeds doubt. Why?

We go to the past – for decisions right? At what age did you first make a choice that didn’t turn out well? I’m not talking about pooping in your diaper as a baby, but a decision that had an emotional impact How smart? (go through ages)

Doubt is our default – knee jerk – reaction.

But think about this:

Hope propels you forward.

Doubt pulls you back – keeps you stuck.


Hope keeps you present

Doubt keeps you anchored in the past or future


Hope allows you to take action

Doubt forces you to be paralyzed


Hope breathes love

Doubt breathes hate


The next time you have to make a decision, don’t fall back to your default setting. Pause, take a few deep breathes, and say I am better than this, I embrace hope.


That you for joining me for Ask Allie. If you liked this episode – please rate it and tell your friends. The more people who listen = the more people I can help have their ah-ha moments. Join me on FB, Twitter or Instagram @


Sometimes my outline is more detailed – but most of the time it has less detail. The subject headings: Intro, Announcements, Tarot, Topic, & Conclusion, never change until I’m ready to shake up the format of the show.

The hardest part is deciding if you want to do a podcast and the format of the podcast. Everything else is pretty easy.

Next time I talk about podcasts I will go over the good and bad of going alone on the podcast or doing interviews.

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