Book Marketing Plan

600 + Book Marketing Ideas to Help Authors Make More Money

500 Book Marketing Ideas


No matter if you’re an author, a publishing house, a publicist, or a book marketer wanting to sell more books, there’s a wide variety of book marketing strategies you can use to ramp up a book’s reach and grab the attention of more readers.

To help ignite your creative sparkle and get the ideas flowing, I put together over 500 book marketing ideas.

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Book Marketing Ideas

Book Marketing #1
Have your antagonist write a weekly blog post. It helps keep your readers invested in your story’s world.

Book Marketing #2
Create a fresh “book prop” (cowboy hat, empty poison bottle, a bouquet of flowers, etc.) giveaway with Gleam, KingSumo, or Rafflecopter.

Book Marketing #3
Start a podcast. It’s an excellent way to connect with your readers and turn them into raving fans.

Book Marketing #4
Create an email list (Aweber, MailChimp) to keep in touch with your readers by sending them exclusive offers.

Book Marketing #5
Be a guest contributor to blogs where your readers hang out.

Book Marketing #6
Interview three authors/experts in fields complementary to yours (i.e., you’re a life coach while their areas are: financial, sex, & spiritual) for a guest blog post. The info in your short author bio at the end will indirectly inform new readers about your book.

Book Marketing #7
Consider crafting a text newsletter rather than an HTML one as this helps your raving fans worldwide stay in touch with you even if they have weak or spotty Internet.

Book Marketing #8
When buying a URL for your author platform website make sure it ends in .com and if that’s not available .net. Anything else is a waste of money.

Book Marketing #9
Launch your book online by hosting a free webinar and giving the attendees a free or discounted copy.

Book Marketing #10
Piggyback your book with retweets that initially tweet about the theme or location of your story.

Book Marketing #11
A potential reader does judge your book by its cover.

Book Marketing #12
Do your keyword research before you write your non-fiction book ensuring that you have an audience who wants your subject matter.

Book Marketing #13
Manage your social media accounts instead of hiring someone to do it for you to maintain a personal connection with your readers.

Book Marketing #14
Suggest yourself as a guest to online radio stations that fit your book’s demographic.

Book Marketing #15
Engage your readers & turn them into raving fans via Periscope, Hang w/, Blab, or Meerkat.

Book Marketing #16
Use Visual Hunt to search for Creative Commons images for your book cover or website.

Book Marketing #17
Each place you list your book online increases your book exposure and provides a backlink to your book which helps your Google ranking.

Book Marketing #18
Avoid using a splash page as the front page of your website. Not everyone has fast internet. Making people wait to get to your book info loses potential readers.

Book Marketing #19
Feature your book on the upper left side of your website home page in the “power corner” position.

Book Marketing #20
Join the Goodreads Author Program to interact with readers and attract raving fans.

Book Marketing #21
Are your book readers primarily female? Use Pinterest to reach them as 85% of Pinterest’s active users are female.

Book Marketing #22
Use Google Hangouts or Blab to host “in person” talks, book readings, or Q & A with your fans.

Book Marketing #23
Turn your book into a radio drama and deliver a chapter a week with a podcast on iTunes.

Book Marketing #24
Instead of compiling your story into a novel, turn it into bite-size reads by releasing one chapter at a time on Amazon Kindle.

Book Marketing #25
Give away the first chapter of your book as an enticement for readers to sign up for your newsletter.

Book Marketing #26
Allow the media and your readers to contact you quickly by setting up a dedicated email and PO box address for that purpose.

Book Marketing #27
Build trust first by connecting with your readers, then sell your book.

Book Marketing #28
Connect to your readers by producing a constant stream of free content.

Book Marketing #29
Make sure your book is professional before you launch with a great cover, professional editing, and correct formatting.

Book Marketing #30
Ask yourself first, “What book can become a bestseller?” and that’s the book you write.

Book Marketing #31
A tagline or teaser plus a review of your book cover will increase sales.

Book Marketing #32
Hire a copywriter to write your book description – it’s your sales description that turns browsers into buyers.

Book Marketing #33
Write your bio in the first person on your website and third person on Amazon.

Book Marketing #34
‘Ask David’ offers free book promotional plans, which gets you and your book/s permanently listed on the site.

Book Marketing #35
Get interviewed (for free) at the Reader’s Realm.

Book Marketing #36
Smile: Get some professional headshots.
(no – a selfie will not do)

Book Marketing #37
Record a short “hello/welcome/about me” video on YouTube for your website.

Book Marketing #38
Post/record videos about you – your book/s – writing, on YouTube as it improves your Google ranking.

Book Marketing #39
Make sure your book/s are on your site’s sidebar so that no matter what page your visitors are on, your book/s are right there.

Book Marketing #40
Blog once or twice a week, keeping your content fresh and your raving fans happy.

Book Marketing #41
Humans usually read/scan pages left to right. Therefore, put your book or upcoming event in the upper left of your home page content.

Book Marketing #42
Build your email list with an opt-in freebie.

Book Marketing #43
When you ask for book reviews, don’t expect all of them to be glowing with praise.

Book Marketing #44
Keep active on Goodreads.

Book Marketing #45
Check out Story Cartel (; give away your book in exchange for an honest review.

Book Marketing #46
Launch the ebook version first while you tweak the print version.

Book Marketing #47
When paying for ads, pay per click, not impression.

Book Marketing #48
Post a FREE press release about your book launch at

Book Marketing #49
Contact Book Goodies to be a guest on their podcast or submit your book for review:

Book Marketing #50
Can’t decide on cover design? Post a poll and ask your readers/friends to help you decide.

Book Marketing #51
Don’t advertise your book on FaceBook, instead promote giveaways and contests.

Book Marketing #52
Advertising takes repetition. A potential reader may have to see it 25 times before they click.

Book Marketing #53
Social media is not advertising; it is relationship building.

Book Marketing #54
Stand out on the Twitter feed by adding a picture to your tweet.

Book Marketing #55
Set up a Google alert for relevant topics to tweet (and associate with) – share MORE than your book & topics.

Book Marketing #56
Don’t be a #hashtagwhore – keywords still pop up on Twitter search with or without the #.

Book Marketing #57
When deciding on a pen name, pick one that is easy for readers to remember and pronounce.

Book Marketing #58
Facebook is not the place to snag new readers, but the site to interact with current readers.

Book Marketing #59
LinkedIn is for building professional relationships with other authors, publishers, agents, managers, or PR specialists.

Book Marketing #60
Share, don’t promote, your content.

Book Marketing #61
Because publishing a book isn’t a story, press releases usually do not work.

Book Marketing #62
Invite your readers into your personal adventure.

Book Marketing #63
Use the byproducts of your writing process to create book extras like a movie or TV show has extras on a DVD.

Book Marketing #64
Re-imagine your content.
Blog Post -> Podcast -> Webinar

Book Marketing #65
Create Flagship Content:

Book Marketing #66
Focus on creating evergreen content that will add value to your readers long into the future.

Book Marketing #67
If the way someone promotes gives you the ick factor – don’t push your content the same way.

Book Marketing #68
Decide if you want to be someone who wrote a book or someone who wants a writing career – then promote accordingly.

Book Marketing #69
Context matters.

Book Marketing #70
Connect with both fans AND influencers.

Book Marketing #71
Social media platforms are not all created equal.

Book Marketing #72
Promote your book indirectly by making your book a footnote – not the main event – in a press release.

Book Marketing #73
Paying for advertising won’t pay off until you have a great author’s platform.

Book Marketing #74
An author’s platform isn’t a “do it once” and walk away.

Book Marketing #75
Promote other subjects, that aren’t about your book, so that you can subtly show off your writing.

Book Marketing #76
Don’t allow someone else to manage your author’s platform. Be in control of your message.

Book Marketing #77
Use Canva ( to DIY your marketing materials.

Book Marketing #78
You can build a business around writing one (excellent) book.

Book Marketing #79
Stay current on publishing & marketing trends by dedicating 1-2 hrs per week to reading & researching.

Book Marketing #80
Offline trends affect online marketing.

Book Marketing #81
Along with a book description, add in a short audio clip that gives the potential reader a “behind the scenes” look at your story.

Book Marketing #82
Define your target reader before you create your book marketing strategy.

Book Marketing #83
At the end of each month, create a 30-day editorial calendar for blog post creation for the upcoming month. It’s easier to write a post if you have a subject picked out ahead of time.

Book Marketing #84
Don’t try so hard to get into bookstores – instead, build your fanbase and increase online sales.

Book Marketing #85
Assume your book cover isn’t good enough and get real feedback from target readers BEFORE you publish.

Book Marketing #86
As a sign-up bribe – offer your next book free when a reader signs up for your mailing list.

Book Marketing #87
Approximately 10% of your followers SEE your post on Facebook & Twitter – even less DO anything with it.

Book Marketing #88
Email reaches everyone.

Book Marketing #89
You own your email list. Only you can change the rules of engagement – unlike social media.

Book Marketing #90
With email you dictate the content – say what you want – promote what you want.

Book Marketing #91
Use IngramSpark to produce a POD (Print on Demand) book for all markets BUT Amazon.

Book Marketing #92
No email service provider? is free for your first 2000 subscribers.

Book Marketing #93
When you write a book – you are starting a business.

Book Marketing #94
Feeling overwhelmed from the biz side of book writing? Watch “Marie TV” ( to help you build a biz and life you love.

Book Marketing #95
Give a character an “out of book” life by creating an extension of his/her story via blog posts.

Book Marketing #96
Search The Perfect Pitch for independent publishers who accept books from authors without an agent:

Book Marketing #97
Use Createspace to produce your POD edition for Amazon.

Book Marketing #98
You are the CEO of your (book) company. Act like it.

Book Marketing #99
You are the marketing director of your career.

Book Marketing #100
It’s easier to land an agent and/or publisher if you’ve already built an online presence.

Book Marketing #101
Building reader communities around your work strengthen relationships and therefore trust between you and your fans.

Book Marketing #102
Be uniquely you.

Book Marketing #103
Create a personal brand statement to carve out your niche, which helps you develop content and set the tone for what you share.

Book Marketing #104
What is your brand’s voice? Mine is creative.

Book Marketing #105
Book sales don’t manifest instantly. Pace yourself and stay the course.

Book Marketing #106
Your readers are not everyone so don’t market that way.

Book Marketing #107
Q: How do you make a small fortune as an author?
A: You start with a large one.

Book Marketing #108
What goals do you hope to attain with your book? Your answer will help shape your marketing plan.

Book Marketing #109
When writing your “About Me” page on your website, lead with what you’re going to help the reader with – THEN – spill about you.

Book Marketing #110
Your website should be about you and your brand, not just your books.

Book Marketing #111
Put your personality into your “About Me” page.

Book Marketing #112
Make buying your books easy by putting a link or button next to the book description on your site.

Book Marketing #113
Create a speaking/tour page on your website.

Book Marketing #114
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps search engines find your site.

Book Marketing #115
Make many of your blog posts with evergreen (forever relevant) content.

Book Marketing #116
Create a marketing calendar with columns for the month, holiday/events, newsletter, blog topic, social media, & promote.

Book Marketing #117
People remember stories – not lessons – market accordingly.

Book Marketing #118
Skim is the new read. Write short – to the point – messages.

Book Marketing #119
Interviewing guests for blog posts extends your reach to their super fan base.

Book Marketing #120
Write book reviews and tag the authors.

Book Marketing #121
Successful branding is a two-way street – listen to your superfans.

Book Marketing #122
Direct calls to action on Facebook works wonders – but be selective in WHAT you ask.

Book Marketing #123
Hiring a PR firm? Get a referral.

Book Marketing #124
Position yourself as an expert in your field – host a free webinar and help people.

Book Marketing #125
Make an impression: send handwritten notes to relevant influencers.

Book Marketing #126
Submit your blog to media outlets that serve your niche.

Book Marketing #127
Develop a relationship with bloggers in your niche BEFORE you approach them for a favor.

Book Marketing #128
These days you need a long-term book marketing strategy – not one that only centers around your publication date.

Book Marketing #129
If you wish to thrive instead of survive, appear confident even if you are not.

Book Marketing #130
Promote others more than you promote yourself.

Book Marketing #131
Go through your book and find all your tweetable quotes.

Book Marketing #132
Make sure you include a link to buy your book in every blog post you write.

Book Marketing #133
Consistency is vital in social media.

Book Marketing #134
Think of the blog posts you write as being a conversation, not an announcement.

Book Marketing #135
Be a specialist; develop your niche.

Book Marketing #136
Start developing your brand and your platform as soon as you have an idea for a book.

Book Marketing #137
Monitor data from your website, newsletter, + social network, & adjust your marketing efforts as you go.

Book Marketing #138
Develop your audience.
(psst…it doesn’t happen overnight)

Book Marketing #139
Where do your readers hang out? Pick 2 or 3 of those social media channels to share your message.

Book Marketing #140
Talking to your readers is a privilege, without them, you have no superfans.

Book Marketing #141
Talk with your readers – not AT them.

Book Marketing #142
Go for interactions and more in-depth engagement than # of superfans.

Book Marketing #143
Build your audience to bring them along with you as you develop your projects.

Book Marketing #144
Use questions readers ask about your book as upcoming blog posts.

Book Marketing #145
Set up a “Google Alert” for your name to keep up to date on what’s being said about you.

Book Marketing #146
You are the guardian of your reputation.

Book Marketing #147
Put links in your ebook to blog posts/pages on your site.

Book Marketing #148
Add in page/s in the back of the book for your offers that are in-sync with the book’s content.

Book Marketing #149
Submit a new book deal to BookBub ( to attract new readers.

Book Marketing #150
Writing a series? Give away the 1st book for free on FreeBooksy (

Book Marketing #151
Want a cover designed w/ a pool of designers to choose from? Try DesignCrowd at

Book Marketing #152
Think of your book as your pet or kid – brag and show pictures every chance you get.

Book Marketing #153
At author engagements, make sure you have your book/products for attendees to buy so that they can take a part of you home with them.

Book Marketing #154
Give your book away for free on your site + charge for shipping = you get your buyers email & can upsell.

Book Marketing #155
Put a resource page on Pinterest that compliments your book.

Book Marketing #156
Marketing a book is a marathon, not a sprint.

Book Marketing #157
Before you write a non-fiction book answer two questions:
1. What do you want?
2. What do your customers want?

Book Marketing #158
In your Table of Contents, think of the chapter titles as headlines.

Book Marketing #159
Build an open Facebook group around your topic or story.

Book Marketing #160
Write regularly-scheduled blog posts based on the book you are writing.

Book Marketing #161
Book Media Kit: bio, book descriptions, cover images, author pictures, and videos.

Book Marketing #162
Weave in your keywords, categories, and highlights of your story/topic into your book description.

Book Marketing #163
Remember that your Author Central Bio crosses over to your Kindle Bio; make sure you have one.

Book Marketing #164
Have promo headshots with your book. This way when people see your book, they will equate it with you. Alli:

Book Marketing #165
Make a video announcing your book, with a call-to-action at the end.

Book Marketing #166
Upload your promo videos to your Amazon Author Central page.

Book Marketing #167
Have an author One Sheet with book info an author bio, and contact info.

Book Marketing #168
Have a free pdf sample chapter w/ any related graphics and your One Sheet.

Book Marketing #169
Three author bios: very short for end of blog post, 50-100 word bio for interviews, & 250-300 word bio for a press kit.

Book Marketing #170
Put together eight – ten sample interview questions for your upcoming interviews. This helps the interviewer, and it makes sure the interview covers points you need it to cover.

Book Marketing #171
Book photos: 2″, 4″, & 6″ with each in both 300 dpi and 720 dpi.

Book Marketing #172
Research bestselling books in your genre/subject matter and incorporate their categories into your book’s description and keywords.

Book Marketing #173
Amazon: Try to select categories for your book that are related to your book subject matter but have a low number of books in them without a well-known author at the top.

Book Marketing #174
Send your influencers a free copy of your book: PDF, Kindle or print.

Book Marketing #175
Ask for an interview or review from your influencers.

Book Marketing #176
You can reach Amazon bestseller status by landing your book into the top 100 ranking in the book’s categories.

Book Marketing #177
Bestselling Amazon status usually doesn’t last long. Make sure you screen capture the Product Details area to use for your marketing materials.

Book Marketing #178
Make sure your book description covers more than just the plot.

Book Marketing #179
The book description needs to make an emotional connection with the reader – paint a picture of identifiable characters.

Book Marketing #180
Include Amazon categories into your description and keywords.

Book Marketing #181
Use a relevant Amazon category that doesn’t have books in the top 2,000 overall sales rank. Fewer books = better rank for you.

Book Marketing #182
Give away a free bonus to those who purchase your book when it is first released.

Book Marketing #183
Have a Virtual Launch Party on Google Hangouts.

Book Marketing #184
Ask your readers for book reviews on Amazon.

Book Marketing #185
Put an ad w/picture for your book on your site and link it to your Amazon sales page.

Book Marketing #186
How to make your book trailer video using your smartphone:

Book Marketing #187
Add a picture of your book to your business card.

Book Marketing #188
Add your web or Amazon Author Central address on the book’s title page.

Book Marketing #189
Promote your next book in the back pages of your current book.

Book Marketing #190
Create a list of potential speaking opportunities before you release your book.

Book Marketing #191
As soon as you release your book, start on the next book.

Book Marketing #192
Repurpose your book into an online course.

Book Marketing #193
A good book description is a powerful piece of advertising sales copy.

Book Marketing #194
For non-fiction, your book description should show the problem that it will solve and how it will solve it. Sell the personal benefits.

Book Marketing #195
For fiction, your book description should raise a puzzling question about the main character – with an answer that can only be found inside the book.

Book Marketing #196
To write a book description, you need to know your readers. One way to quickly understand your readers is to find books like your own and read the reviews readers have written.

Book Marketing #197
Your author platform is your stage.

Book Marketing #198
Put a “Resource” page on your website to share resources that support/expand your book.

Book Marketing #199
For non-fiction authors, send one email a week to your email list.

Book Marketing #200
Three major components of your author platform: website, social media, & email list.

Book Marketing #201
For fiction authors, send one email per month to your email list.

Book Marketing #202
Non-fiction writers, consider writing a series like ‘Miracle Morning.’

Book Marketing #203
Add value to the emails to your fans, suggest complementary books by other authors.

Book Marketing #204
Don’t make selling the priority in every email.

Book Marketing #205
Create a launch team: a group of people who get everything you write for free two weeks or more before you officially launch in exchange for their feedback.

Book Marketing #206
Ask readers to join the email list first, THEN join you on social media.

Book Marketing #207
All the marketing in the world won’t sell a crappy book.

Book Marketing #208
Hate to write? Dictate your book.

Book Marketing #209
Pair yourself with authors in the same or complimentary niche for an online summit.

Book Marketing #210
Amazon Book Review Policies

Book Marketing #211
Visuals are important. Grab an account on Vine or Instagram and do short videos and pictures about your book or topic.

Book Marketing #212
Create a Speaker One-Sheet

Book Marketing #213
Start a book under your Goodreads Author Dashboard and update your book’s progress once a week.

Book Marketing #214
Turn on your “Ask the Author” setting on Goodreads to answer questions from your raving fans and potential readers.

Book Marketing #215
Search Google for Forum + “your subject,” and find a forum for a problem, that you can solve with your EXISTING book.

Book Marketing #216
Search Google for Forum + “your subject,” and find a forum for a problem, that you can solve with your NEW book.

Book Marketing #217
Add your book as a pin on Pinterest and link it to your book’s sales page.

Book Marketing #218
Create a Pinterest board specifically to pin your books.

Book Marketing #219
Are your readers primarily female? 81% of Pinterest users are women with the median age of 40.

Book Marketing #220
The most popular time to pin or re-pin on Pinterest is Saturday mornings.

Book Marketing #221
Post a picture on Instagram of a person reading your book.

Book Marketing #222
Be open, humble, and human in your author’s bio.

Book Marketing #223
Each Amazon category has a best seller list.

Book Marketing #224
If your book reaches the #1 position in any category, it gets a bestseller tag. The tag will help you sell more books.

Book Marketing #225
#1 in picking your Amazon category is that it is relevant to your book topic.

Book Marketing #226
#2 in picking your Amazon category is that it’s in the lowest sub-category in a relevant category tree. Your book is featured in the low sub-category and all the categories ABOVE it.

Book Marketing #227
#3 in picking your Amazon category is to find the one with the lowest competition.

Book Marketing #228
Tweak your Amazon book description to include some of the seven keywords you used on the KDP set-up screen.

Book Marketing #229
Your book title/subtitle must:
1) Appeal to your readers.
2) Tell them what they will get by reading the book.
3) Help readers find your book online by using one or two keywords in the title.

Book Marketing #230
Do not incorporate keywords into your title or subtitle at the cost of clarity.

Book Marketing #231
You can use intrigue for your book title/subtitle. Entice people to find out more.

Book Marketing #232
If your book is nonfiction, your subtitle is your opportunity to sell – it’s your big promise to the reader that you’re going to fulfill.

Example: ‘The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9 – 5, Live Anywhere, And Join The New Rich’

Book Marketing #233
Your title should fit your book cover.

Book Marketing #234
A memorable book title is simple and easy to say.

Book Marketing #235
Your title needs to appeal to your target reader. Refrain from using jargon, embarrassing or off-putting words.

Book Marketing #236
Selecting contrasting colors for your book cover helps it to stand out from other competing covers.

Book Marketing #237
Your book cover image should support your book title, not overshadow it.

Book Marketing #238
In your book description, make sure you keep your sentences and paragraphs short.

Book Marketing #239
Price, your book at launch, to attract more purchases to get Amazon’s algorithms attention.

Book Marketing #240
A $.99 book launch works well if you already have an audience. It attracts purchases without attracting bargain hunters.

Book Marketing #241
If you go the $.99 route for your Kindle books at launch – increase it to $2.99 in a few weeks and then to $3.99.

(to earn Amazon’s 70% royalty rate, the price needs to be at least $2.99)

Book Marketing #242
Getting Ready to Launch a Book? Start with These 5 Questions

Book Marketing #243
Sign up for the Amazon Associates program so you can use an affiliate link from your website to your Amazon book page & earn some extra money.

Book Marketing #244
Create a Launch Team approximately four weeks before launch.

Book Marketing #245
The primary goal for your launch team is to attract some early book reviews.

Book Marketing #246
Plan pre-launch marketing approximately three weeks before launch.

Book Marketing #247
Create pre-launch messages as it’s a good idea to have your other emails and social media posts planned out in advice.

Book Marketing #248
Start promoting your book three weeks before launch.

Book Marketing #249
Start applying for promotions about two weeks before your launch date.

Book Marketing #250
On Amazon, one week before your launch, enact what I call “Silent Mode.” It’s “silent” because the book is live, but you’re not actively promoting it.

This allows you to make sure all looks okay before your launch + a few people can buy & leave reviews.

Book Marketing #251
In your book, have a page that tells your reader about your bonus material.

Book Marketing #252
Invite the reader to visit a website page to access bonus material. Before he/she can access the content, you ask for their email address.

Book Marketing #253
Over time, send readers free & valuable information related to the topic of your book/s.

Book Marketing #254
Make the ratio of free & useful content to sharing a new book/product/service at 3/1. If you send out info monthly, for every three emails that give useful info, send out one that promotes.

Book Marketing #255
Don’t be afraid to give away too much for free. Get it right, and you can have loyal readers for life.

Book Marketing #256
Try to end your blog posts with a question to continue the conversation in the comments.

Book Marketing #257
Numbered lists work well in blog posts.

Book Marketing #258
Start your blog with ten fantastic articles to get the ball rolling.

Book Marketing #259
The more books you write, the easier it is to market.

Book Marketing #260
Don’t ask for good reviews. Most readers skip the five-star reviews and read the one and two stars.
(I know I do)

Book Marketing #261
“How to Get a Truckload of Amazon Reviews”

Book Marketing #262
Build a list of targeted readers with book giveaways.

Book Marketing #263
Self-Publishing Review


Book Marketing #264
On the average, people may see your book ad 25x before clicking the link.

Book Marketing #265
Authors need to engage in relationship marketing by building relationships first and selling second.

Book Marketing #266
Book signings are boring. Instead, host a talk and sign books afterward.

Book Marketing #267
Host your book talks in unique places that provide a tie-in to your book.

Book Marketing #268
Everyone loves a bargain; offer your new book along with one of your older books.

Book Marketing #269
No backlist to promote alongside your new book? Co-promote the title with another author.

Book Marketing #270
Make and list reviews, blurbs, and testimonials on your site and your store.

Book Marketing #271
Make getting to your shopping cart quick and easy.

Book Marketing #272
Are you marketing to libraries? They buy nearly $1.8 billion in books annually.

Book Marketing #273
Try donating a copy of your book to your main library to get an “in.”

Book Marketing #274
Have a focused goal on your homepage. Is your home page’s intent to sell your newest book? Alternatively, to get readers to sign up for your program based on your book?

Focus does matter.

Book Marketing #275
If you have different URLs, make sure they are forwarding at various pages on your site. The forwards will help with your search rank.

Book Marketing #276
Are You a Push Marketer or a Pull Marketer?

Book Marketing #277
The Big Five US Trade Book Publishers

Book Marketing #278
Send family and friends an announcement email on your upcoming book and ask them to forward it to ten or more people they know.

Book Marketing #279
Keep up to date about what others are saying about your market by reading weekly at least 3 – 5 blogs written by thought leaders in your market.

Book Marketing #280
How popular is your topic? Track it on Google Alerts.

Book Marketing #281
Get to know your local bookstores. That’s your easiest way into one.

Book Marketing #282
Thinking about approaching a traditional publisher for your book? Keep in mind that they will not put the resources into marketing your book after the initial launch period passes.

Book Marketing #283
You wouldn’t show up for a car race with a moped. So don’t show up online with an unprofessional looking site.

Book Marketing #284
Don’t try to sell your book. Instead, sell its benefits.

Book Marketing #285
Book trade conferences and publishing events provide an excellent opportunity for networking with other authors.

Book Marketing #286
Call your local library and sign up to do a talk. You won’t get paid, but you’ll let the community get to know you, and you may sell some books!

Book Marketing #287
Host a contest that inspires readers to create a short video about your book.

Book Marketing #288
Don’t surprise your reader by changing your message frequently on social media. People like consistency, even from their favorite author!

Book Marketing #289
Create a 1 – 2 sentence elevator pitch about your book.

Book Marketing #290
The point of LinkedIn is to make connections. Without connections, you cannot sell books or unlock doors of opportunity.

Book Marketing #291
People scan websites and read books. Make sure your site doesn’t read like a book, or you’ll lose potential raving fans.

Book Marketing #292
Even if you haven’t done an interview yet, create a Media Room on your website for tidbits related to your book, your bio/book picture, and media FAQ.

Book Marketing #293
No matter how many books you write, always remember that someone is looking up to you. Be an inspiration.

Book Marketing #294
Make sure you have a store on your site, even if you have to send them to Amazon. Without a way to buy your book/s how are you going to make any sales?

Book Marketing #295
Update your site often so that Google still loves you and indexes your pages regularly.

Book Marketing #296
Use SumoMe (free) to increase your website traffic.

Book Marketing #297
The first place people look on your home page is the upper left corner – put your important message here. Next is the center of the page – here you have the conversation & call to action that supports your important message.

Book Marketing #298
Make sure you are a subscriber to HARO for media leads.


Book Marketing #299
Can you make your topic into a series? Readers love to get invested in a series and stay with the characters for the long-haul.

Book Marketing #300
Turn your book into a YouTube video.

Book Marketing #301
Turn your book into a stage play.

Book Marketing #302
After your non-fiction book has been out for at least six months, introduce an accompanying workbook.

Book Marketing #303
Put on a weekend retreat with two other authors that have complementary books.

Book Marketing #304
Hand out free books at a Comic Con. Target people who attend events that closely match your book’s topic/genre.

Book Marketing #305
Reach 39,000 booksellers, online retailers, & libraries around the world. Ingram works with indie authors via IngramSpark

Book Marketing #306
Large airport stores carry books from local & regional authors as well as authors covering local destinations.

Book Marketing #307
Place your book in stores based on its theme. Is it about curing illness with herbs & oils? Try health stores. Is it about how to dress with style? Try clothing stores. Is it a mystery novel set in New Orleans? Try the stores in the French Quarter.

Book Marketing #308
If you’re writing a series, give the first book out for free hooking in your super fans and getting them to buy upcoming series books at regular price.

Book Marketing #309
Enrolling your ebook in KDP Select gets your book in front of tons of readers, but you cannot distribute your ebook anywhere else, including your website.

Book Marketing #310
On your front cover, advertise any book awards you’ve won.

Book Marketing #311
Keep the links (on your website) to your social media to four outlets or less.

Book Marketing #312
Have an “About Your Books” page with a short description & a link to each book’s page.

Book Marketing #313
If you’re going to publish a book for free, post chapters on Wattpad and have your super fans subscribe to your email list.

Book Marketing #314
Wordpress site? Use KingSumo to launch a giveaway and grow your subscriber list.

Book Marketing #315
Your email signature is the perfect spot to entice readers to subscribe to your list.

Book Marketing #316
Make Goodreads your #1 social networking tool as its the place where the “book nerds” hang.

Book Marketing #317
Use relevant hashtags in your Twitter posts so that you have the right readers follow you.

Book Marketing #318
Use Kindle Countdown Deals to sell your backlist.

Book Marketing #319
Don’t sweat a bad review. It just shows readers that your reviews are real.

Book Marketing #320
Create two-sided business cards with one side about your books and the other side with your information.

Book Marketing #321
Have a third party show your books at a book fair while you mingle with the attendees.

Book Marketing #322
Create infographics that introduce each one of the chapters of your book.

Book Marketing #323
Put Together Beautiful, Professional Book Pages in Less Than 10 Minutes for Your Book Launch

Book Marketing #324
Pin an invitation to your book launch at the top of Twitter.

Book Marketing #325
Have a virtual book signing event. A reader purchases a book & you sign it live with them watching & then ship the books.

Book Marketing #326
Release mini-tutorials before your launch to get superfans excited about your book.

Book Marketing #327
Make the free stuff work for you. Embed mention of your other books within your free resource.

Book Marketing #328
For fiction authors: Start a podcast with each episode dedicated to a piece of the backstory.

Book Marketing #329
Ask your superfans to post book reviews on your Facebook page.

Book Marketing #330
Go live with your fans on Facebook on Fridays.

Book Marketing #331
Invite guest bloggers to contribute to your site.

Book Marketing #332
Ask your raving fans to post pictures of people who remind them of your characters.

Book Marketing #333
Write a free ebook with your fans in mind.

Book Marketing #334
If writing fiction – use your town/city as the backdrop & then ask local business you fictionalized to sponsor a book tour.

Book Marketing #335
Don’t have time to write one big book? Write & release each chapter as a short story.

Book Marketing #336
Give x% per book to your favorite charity or cause. People feel good when they help others + it’s a tax write-off for you.

Book Marketing #337
Make sure that your free stuff has a call to action. What do you want people to do once they have your freebie?

Book Marketing #338
Add a “Store” section to your Facebook Fan page and sell your books directly from FB.

Book Marketing #339
Run your blog feed on your Facebook Fan page. That way when you update your blog – your FB page will automatically have new content.

Book Marketing #340
At your book signing, keep a bowl of chocolates on your table to encourage readers to come to you to get their book signed.

Book Marketing #341
After you do your book reading – mingle with the crowd before you start to sign books.

Book Marketing #342
Send a handwritten thank-you note to the manager of the bookstore after your book signing.

Book Marketing #343
Schedule your book signings around the 15th and 30th when people get paid.

Book Marketing #344
Make sure you have a marketing plan for each book you launch.

Book Marketing #345
Add your book information to your outgoing voicemail message.

Book Marketing #346
Write a list of questions or discussion points that book clubs can use for your book & post them on your website for downloading.

Book Marketing #347
Give your readers a voice – put a “suggestion box” on your website.

Book Marketing #348
Have a focus for your book launch. Do you want people to buy the book and purchase something else?

Or is it – buy the book and sign up for your newsletter or join you on social media?

Book Marketing #349
Have a ‘back-end’ for your content/niche book – public speaking, selling courses or webinars, or services.

Book Marketing #350
Promote the ‘story’ behind the story.

Book Marketing #351
Have a stable support network before you launch. No author platform? Start one with your family, friends, or co-workers.

Book Marketing #352
You can self-publish one book while you’re trying to land a publisher for another book.

Book Marketing #353
Kindle Scout on Amazon is reader-powered publishing – get a publishing contract with Kindle Press.

Book Marketing #354
Check out and find a catalog that is perfect for carrying your book.

Book Marketing #355
Google Book Search is a must-have listing for your book.

Book Marketing #356
Keep the shopping process + checkout simple on your website to cut down on “cart abandonment.”

Book Marketing #357
Allow readers the chance to sign up for your website AFTER they’ve made the purchase.

Book Marketing #358
Allow readers to shop as “guests” on your site.

Book Marketing #359
Your blog and media room need to be regularly updated.

Book Marketing #360
When booking a venue for a book event, try to avoid going through the corporate offices. This way you can avoid red tape.

Book Marketing #361
Use short videos (2 min and under) to promote your book.

Book Marketing #362
Fiction author? Use blog posts or short videos to educate your readers on the background of your novel.

Book Marketing #363
Use YouTube or Vimeo to keep your videos all in one place.

Book Marketing #364
Bring traffic to your site by posting pictures to your blog.

Book Marketing #365
Start a story on your site and allow your readers to contribute to the storyline.

Book Marketing #366
Create a free webinar series leading up to your book launch.

Book Marketing #367
If you have a back catalog, consider making a book or two permafree to get potential superfans to know your work before they purchase your latest work.

Book Marketing #368
If you’re giving your book away for free, but you’re not getting the downloads – check your cover, book description, and your reviews.

Book Marketing #369
Share sites, blogs, or books that interest your followers.

Book Marketing #370
Offer an online interactive community or learning experience to readers if they buy your book by a specific date.

Book Marketing #371
Retweet someone else’s posts. It’s a great way to network with other authors.

Book Marketing #372
“When you can’t create, you can work.” Arthur Miller. When you’re done writing – market.

Book Marketing #373
Subscribe to other author’s blog/podcast in your genre. Know what they are doing and how the audience is responding. Find out what’s NOT being done & do that.

Book Marketing #374
Find out what fascinates you and center your blog and/or podcast around that. What intrigues you has staying power.

Book Marketing #375
Price your book to sell. How does your book price stack up to its competitors?

Book Marketing #376
Are you a how-to author? Host a workshop instead of a book signing.

Book Marketing #377
Are you a cookbook or health author? Do a tasting at a local bookstore with items from your book.

Book Marketing #378
Remember the 80/20 Rule: 80% of your results come from just 20% of your actions.

Book Marketing #379
No amount of marketing or promotions will sell a book that doesn’t satisfy the readers. Don’t write an unsellable book.

Book Marketing #380
Want to make a living out of writing fiction?
Then publish a 60,000+ word genre novel in a series every three months.

Book Marketing #381
What to make a six-figure living out of writing fiction?
Then publish a 60,000+ word genre novel every two months.

Book Marketing #392
What’s the one thing that can kill your fiction-writing career?
Marketing it in the wrong genre.

Book Marketing #383
Direct readers to your book page via paid ads, social media, and mailing lists.

Book Marketing #384
Professional book covers + compelling blurbs that showcase your book & genre = Book Sales

Book Marketing #385
Don’t neglect your back cover. Use a bold, exciting headline.

Book Marketing #386
Eye on the back cover: non-fiction list 3 questions that will allow your potential reader to identify with a problem.

Book Marketing #387
Back cover beauty: fiction give an overview of the ONE issue potential readers are dying to dive into ASAP.

Book Marketing #388
Back cover love: put a couple of quotes from readers who rave about your book.

Book Marketing #389
FREE class on finding your readers

Book Marketing #390
3 Ways To Turn Your Books Into Audio Books For More Royalties Every Single Month

Book Marketing #391
Practice shameless self-promotion.

Book Marketing #392
Get advance copies of your book in the hand of readers months BEFORE you launch your book so you can collect reviews.

Book Marketing #393
Regularly attend author conferences to hone your work and keep updated on the latest trends.

Book Marketing #394
As an author, you’re a business owner. Make sure you have a budget to promote yourself.

Book Marketing #395
Nobody will love your book as much as you do. Show your enthusiasm when you tell others about your book.

Book Marketing #396
Create a membership site around your book.

Book Marketing #397
Create coaching services around your book.

Book Marketing #398
Create speeches or talks related to your book.

Book Marketing #399
Create teleseminars or webinars around your book.

Book Marketing #400
Create classes or programs related to your book.

Book Marketing #401
Create a map/diagram of where you want to take your writing career.

Book Marketing #402
If you write a book to expand an already existing business, make sure that the book can be the foundation for a new branch of your business.

Book Marketing #403
Self-publishing is not a selling point for agents UNLESS they find you first.

Book Marketing #404
5 Things Nonfiction Authors Can Get Sued For

Book Marketing #405
Your book is the best business card you will ever have.

Book Marketing #406
Create a YouTube show from your book.

Book Marketing #407
A short ebook (30 – 70 pages) with bonus content is an excellent product to test the water with potential readers.

Book Marketing #408
Record an “Author’s Cut” of your book and give it away as a bonus.

Book Marketing #409
Create visuals to go along with your content in a webinar.

Book Marketing #410
BookWorks: Self-Publishers Association


Book Marketing #411
Alliance of Independent Authors
Association For Self-Publishers

The Alliance of Independent Authors

Book Marketing #412
Online software that helps publishers and authors discover who’s talking about their book, and use this buzz to get powerful action-driven reports and analysis to advise the user on how to sell more books.

Book Marketing #413
Analyze data from Amazon.

Book Marketing #414
Analyze (book) reviews

Book Marketing #415
Promote eBooks with Amazon Marketing Services

Book Marketing #416
Build a longer class around your book and put on Udemy & a shorter version on Skillshare.

Book Marketing #417
Choose a chapter of your book as the subject of a webinar or teleseminar.

Book Marketing #418
Write a course about your book as you are writing the book. That way if something in your book needs revamping, you’ll know about it from the students in your class.

Book Marketing #419
Turn your courses into books.

Book Marketing #420
Market yourself as a (whatever topic/story you are writing about) consultant so that people can “rent your brain.”

Book Marketing #421
Create a lead funnel for your book by offering something free first, direct them to your book second, and finally your course.

Book Marketing #422
Place a call to action in your books.

Book Marketing #423
Form a TED Talk about your book.

Book Marketing #424
Consider any distribution source (Amazon, Smashwords, etc..) a source for leads and reviews.

Book Marketing #425
Make sure your free offer is based on a community or is of high-value.

Book Marketing #426
Bundle your book with a product and/or service.

Book Marketing #427
Offer a subscription to your series or serial work.

Book Marketing #428
Create content and have fans support you on Patreon.

Book Marketing #429
Drip your content to your readers by emailing each chapter/section like you would an email course.

Book Marketing #430
Test market new story ideas and services/products with your fan base.

Book Marketing #431
Earn affiliate sales by referring readers to related books and services/products.

Book Marketing #432
Offer upsales on premium versions of your book.

Book Marketing #433
Want an agent? Then query them like you didn’t self-publish.

Book Marketing #434
Create a free email course leading up to your book launch.

Book Marketing #435
Offer an interactive learning opportunity for readers who buy your book by a certain date.

Book Marketing #436
Release a free video series on the backstory of your book leading up to your book launch.

Book Marketing #437
Sell your book in niche markets that Kindle buyers love.

Book Marketing #438
Simple book titles sell better than complicated ones.

Book Marketing #439
Place keywords in your book title.

Book Marketing #440
Your book title must be relevant to the way people search for the topic/story you write.

Book Marketing #441
Contact other experts in similar niches and ask if they have anything they’d like you to promote (give away for free) in your launch. Helps them. Helps you. Win-win.

Book Marketing #442
KDP allows for a max of 5 free promotional days in one 90 day period – or 4x a year per book.

Book Marketing #443
For “how to” books, include a link at the end of each chapter to lead the reader to your site for a related video.

Book Marketing #444
Brand your YouTube channel for YOU the author and not for one book.

Book Marketing #445
Your website is not about you; it’s about your readers.

Book Marketing #446
Promote your blog posts by posting them on

Book Marketing #447
Google loves fresh content. Post often.

Book Marketing #448
Give the ebook version away for free to your superfans.

Book Marketing #449
If you’re an Indie Author – buy your ISBN as the number is then associated with YOU the author for the life of that book.

Book Marketing #450
Insert Tweetables (a tweet you craft that your fan can share on Twitter) into your marketing messages.

Book Marketing #451
Combine your book series into one repackaged book.

Book Marketing #452
Repurpose your Facebook or Periscope videos on YouTube.

Book Marketing #453
If you place a fictitious business, blog, or any other online endeavor in your book – bring it alive and create it online,

Book Marketing #454
Readers love a personal connection with an author. Create content to do just that.

Book Marketing #455
Avoid posting a hard sell, such as a standalone book cover or book review on social media.

Book Marketing #456
Launch your book with a non-competing author’s book launch. Double the fun. Double the prizes. Double the fan base.

Book Marketing #457
Give away a free trial of your community membership site with each book purchased.

Book Marketing #458
Make sure your book title is result driven – what will your book do for the reader?

Book Marketing #459
Load your subtitle up with keyword-rich words, so that it is easier to find.

Book Marketing #460
When crafting your title & subtitle, use Google Keyword Tool to look for high-use searches related to your book.

Book Marketing #461
Keywords on your Amazon book listing are not the same as tags. They work behind the scene to bring readers to you.

Book Marketing #462
Amazon book listing keywords should not contain any words or phrases that are in your title.

Book Marketing #463
Keywords on Amazon can be phrases. Upon creating yours, have the mindset of an Amazon browser.

Book Marketing #464
If your book can hit #1 in any Amazon category, Amazon will automatically promote all your books.

Book Marketing #465
The more niche the category you list your book in, the less competition it will face to get to #1.

Book Marketing #466
Create Listmania lists on Amazon, including your book titles in an appropriate list.

Book Marketing #467
Create a novel or comic serial on Tapas

Book Marketing #468
Want a leg up on advertising your ebook on Amazon? Take this free course.

Book Marketing #469
Don’t let your Twitter header go to waste. Use to create a header that either reflects your books or your genre.

Book Marketing #470
Promote your books by giving a PDF or ebook version free to your raving fans.

Book Marketing #471
Tweet milestones, such as selling your first 1000 copies or getting your first review.

Book Marketing #472
Engage with your readers on Twitter. If they share your post – thank them.

Book Marketing #473
Need to revive an older title? Add new material, get a new book cover, and release as a new edition.

Book Marketing #474
Fiction authors – create a membership site for your raving fans offering character backgrounds, side stories, and exclusive offers.

Book Marketing #475
Non-fiction authors – create a membership site for your super fans offering group coaching, community, and learning perks.

Book Marketing #476
Want to give people the warm fuzzies when they buy your book? Donate a % of books sales to charity.

Book Marketing #477
When placing a Facebook ad, make sure you take advantage of the comment to chat feature to woo new raving fans.

Book Marketing #478
Write a serial on Instagram using the pictures as either a book location or to illustrate your how-to.

Book Marketing #479
Offer giveaways during a Snapchat video that will disappear. This way a giveaway is a timed event even if it isn’t live.

Book Marketing #480
Hop on LinkedIn and connect with other authors and publishing professionals on a biz to biz level.

Book Marketing #481
Place your latest book titles “above the fold” on your website.

Book Marketing #482
Record a series of informational videos on topics related to your book.

Book Marketing #483
Offer your raving fans an advanced copy of your new books.

Book Marketing #484
Create fan pages for your main characters.

Book Marketing #485
Do monthly author interviews via a webinar.

Book Marketing #486
Add an affiliate program to your bookstore.

Book Marketing #487
Conduct reader interviews to understand how they find books and why they purchase/not purchase.

Book Marketing #488
Create a BookBub author profile.

Book Marketing #489
End book samples on a cliffhanger.

Book Marketing #490
Make your next book available for pre-order.

Book Marketing #491
Broaden your reach – allow your books to be available internationally.

Book Marketing #492
Have exclusive content for your box sets.

Book Marketing #493
Create & publish a multi-author anthology.

Book Marketing #494
Have your author’s event at a restaurant. The price of a ticket includes a book & a meal.

Book Marketing #495
Partner with an author or two and combine events and a tour.

Book Marketing #496
Pair with independent bookstores and make them your fulfillment center for signed copies.

Book Marketing #497
Make sure you create a budget for marketing and promotion.

Book Marketing #498
If your book can tie-in to an upcoming big event – arrange your book release for the day of that event.

Book Marketing #499
Help promote other authors.

Book Marketing #500
Don’t forget to have FUN promoting/marketing your books. If you don’t enjoy the process, you’ll probably put off writing your next book.

Book Marketing #501
Have friends host parties at their homes where you can give a private reading & sell your book.

Book Marketing #502
Create t-shirts and/or mugs to promote your book.

Book Marketing #503
Add a “Hello Bar” to the top of your website to market your book.

Book Marketing #504
Highlight social proof on your homepage to let readers know who interviewed you and blogs that contain your guest posts.

Book Marketing #505
Create “Tweetable” quotes from your book on Twitter during your launch week.

Book Marketing #506
Create a Facebook group for your superfans.

Book Marketing #507
Create a brand and write books that match your brand.

Book Marketing #508
Start working on your book launch six months before the actual launch to build relationships now that you will need then.

Book Marketing #509
What are your goals for writing your book? Take those goals and plan your book launch around them.

Book Marketing #510
Tease your readers by posting excerpts of your book before it is published.

Book Marketing #511
Allow your raving fans to help you choose a book cover.

Book Marketing #512
Avoid the flash – make book trailers with simple strategies that you can implement well.

Book Marketing #513
User recommendations will sell you more books than any other kind of marketing.

Book Marketing #514
Engage with your fans on Facebook by answering each comment made.

Book Marketing #515
Plan your upcoming marketing for the week ahead on Sunday.

Book Marketing #516
Start marketing your book before you write it.

Book Marketing #517
What is the reason you wrote the book? Once you know that, you can plan your marketing around it.

Book Marketing #518
Where are you going to find readers to buy your book? Put the answer in your marketing plan.

Book Marketing #519
Just starting out? Have a network of family, and close friends spread the word about your book.

Book Marketing #520
After your book has been out for a year, listen to your readers and adjust your marketing efforts as needed.

Book Marketing #521
Pitch story ideas, not your book, to the media.

Book Marketing #522
Enter your book in a couple of contests.

Book Marketing #523
Create a 2 to 3 sentence “elevator pitch” for your book.

Book Marketing #524
Create reader profiles & refer to them when you create ads.

Book Marketing #525
Create a target list of keywords relating to your book that you can use in ads & blog posts.

Book Marketing #526
Brand the homepage or landing page of your website with your newest book.

Book Marketing #527
Try to grab the same username across your social media platforms.

Book Marketing #528
Do your offline marketing local first, then branch out.

Book Marketing #529
Create a short book title.

Book Marketing #530
Have a book title easy to pronounce.

Book Marketing #531
Your book title needs to describe the most influential people, place, or idea in your book.

Book Marketing #532
The title of your book should give potential fans an insight into your book’s genre.

Book Marketing #533
Host a potluck author’s reading at a local park.

Book Marketing #534
Host a live online launch party w/prizes.

Book Marketing #535
Partner with a product that you can sell with your book and the product’s company can sell your book along with their product.

Book Marketing #536
Connect with your readers by personalizing your autographs.

Book Marketing #537
Allow your superfans to pick the subject/story of your next book.

Book Marketing #538
Host a “Launch Weekend” where guests pay $xxxx to hang out with you and grab a copy of your book.

Book Marketing #539
Use a 5-day challenge as a book launch trigger. At the end of the 5-day challenge, release your book!

Book Marketing #540
Create a Pinterest infographic on your protagonist’s journey.

Book Marketing #541
Create content for your blog with your end game in mind – they buy your book.

Book Marketing #542
Remind yourself to ditch the heavy calls of action to buy your book & use your talent to entertain while guiding the reader to buy your book.

Book Marketing #543
Create a Pinterest infographic on how you will take the readers’ problem and solve it by the end of the book.

Book Marketing #544
Sign up with an SMS marketing service and send parts of your story via text as a tease.

Book Marketing #545
Change up the book launch party & have it in the morning over coffee or mimosas.

Book Marketing #546
Within your membership community, allow members to blog/post their stories to foster creativity + be a mentor = more superfans.

Book Marketing #547
Write your book via SMS & with a marketing service send it out to your followers – text by text. When you’re done – publish the book.

Book Marketing #548
Create a community app (plenty of paid services will do this for you) to keep connected to your readers on their smartphones & tablets.

Book Marketing #549
Take your book on the road: create a one-person show based on your book, and have mini launch parties before or after each show.

Book Marketing #550
Give away a mini-course for those who pre-order your book.

Book Marketing #551
Small independent bookstores favor author readings.

Book Marketing #552
Place your links on social media in the footer of your website instead of the header so that visitors stay longer on your site.

Book Marketing #553
Include a link back to your site on the last page of your book.

Book Marketing #554
Put resources in at the end of each chapter.

Book Marketing #555
At the end of your book, include promotions for your other titles, courses, or programs.

Book Marketing #556
Write what you love, change it up when you need to, but make sure you maintain the genre that brought you your raving fans.

Book Marketing #557
Before you write a page on your site, make sure you know what action you want the reader to take.

Book Marketing #558
As long as it’s doable, go out of your way to make your fans feel special.

Book Marketing #559
Readers get a mental boost when they complete a chapter. Make your chapters short.

Book Marketing #560
Create a gift basket around your book & send one to each of the owners of independent books stores in your area/city on your tour before you ask for an author’s reading.

Book Marketing #561
Use Reedsy to find an editor, cover designer, publicist, & book marketer.

Book Marketing #562
Read your book out loud to self-edit before you publish.

Book Marketing #563
Ask your raving fans to post their book reviews on Goodreads.

Book Marketing #564
Instead of using your regular Facebook profile, create an author FB page and use that to post.

Book Marketing #565
Hold weekly Twitter chats with your readers.

Book Marketing #566
Involve your raving fan community in designing merchandise for your store.

Book Marketing #567
Add in behind the scenes commentary and descriptions to your Kindle books with Amazon’s free tool X-Ray for Authors.

Book Marketing #568
Get guidance and inspiration on writing, marketing, and publishing for free from Amazon Author Insights.

Book Marketing #569
Turn your book into an audiobook with ACX.

Book Marketing #570
Optimize your books for Amazon Keyword Search.

Book Marketing #571
Create a Q & A column based on your book.

Book Marketing #572
Offer an “authors’ cut” audio as a bonus to your book.

Book Marketing #573
Add a “Store” page to your website.

Book Marketing #574
Research your competition to see what they’re doing right.

Book Marketing #575
Create an autoresponder to welcome those who sign-up for your newsletter.

Book Marketing #576
Link to your past books.

Book Marketing #577
Create book samples that end on a cliffhanger.

Book Marketing #578
Promote on BookBub.

Book Marketing #579
Create 3D mockups of your book.

Book Marketing #580
Consider making your 1st book permafree to build your audience.

Book Marketing #581
Join Reddit – but contribute BEFORE you try to market.

Book Marketing #582
Join a Facebook group of authors for support and tips.

Book Marketing #583
The sweet spot for pricing ebooks on Amazon is between $2.99 and $5.99.

Book Marketing #584
Play with how you price your book once a month to see if the new price helps or hurts sales.

Book Marketing #585
Do weekly Facebook Live videos to connect with your readers.

Book Marketing #586
Create a professional media kit.

Book Marketing #587
Enter your book into contests.

Book Marketing #588
Add your social media profiles to your book’s “About the Author” page.

Book Marketing #589
Sell autographed copies of your book from your website.

Book Marketing #590
Connect with an artist and have he or she create illustrations on scenes and characters from your book. Sell the art on your site.

Book Marketing #591
Apply to be a part of a Comic-Con or similar event that your book connects with.

Book Marketing #592
Create a fan-favorite event that takes place on a cruise.

Book Marketing #593
Turn your book into a graphic novel.

Book Marketing #594
Write a web series based on your book.

Book Marketing #595
Ask for marketing ideas from your readers – you may find unexpected media connections.

Book Marketing #596
Add a two-hour podcast as a book bonus.

Book Marketing #597
Use Thunderclap to coordinate Twitter and Facebook blasts from friends and supporters.

Book Marketing #598
Create a private webinar as a bonus for your book.

Book Marketing #599
Start an online book club that features your new book as the 1st topic with other authors and their books to round out your yearly calendar.

Book Marketing #600
Imagine your author brand first, then write books that support that brand.

Book Marketing #601
Add sample chapters of your other books to the back pages of your current book.

Book Marketing #602
Extend a helping hand to other authors.

Book Marketing #603
Create an online bio and calling card at

Book Marketing #604
Ebooks released as preorders sell more copies.

Book Marketing #605
Create a discussion guide for reading clubs and book groups.

Book Marketing #606
Swap sample chapters with an author who appeals to the same readers and place it in the back of your book.

Book Marketing #607
Make each item in your e-book’s table of contents clickable.

Book Marketing #608
List your next book as a pre-order right after the launch of your current book.

Book Marketing #609
Join the conversation on other blogs in the comment section.

Book Marketing #610
Ask readers to recommend your ebook to their local library.

Book Marketing #611
Have an affiliate program and encourage your readers to join & share your book’s link. This promotes you + makes money for them!

Book Marketing #612
Use Powerpoint to make your book trailer, upload it to SlideShare, and embed it on your website.

Book Marketing #613
Collaborate with 8 – 10 other authors and create a “box set” for all of the authors to sell.

Book Marketing #614
Strength in numbers – invite your other writer friends to become authors.

Book Marketing #615
Plan your book launch around your goals.

Book Marketing #616
Start building relationships with influencers, by supporting them six months before you launch your book.

Book Marketing #617
Get into Amazon’s “Also Bought.”

Book Marketing #618
Vision is not enough to get your book out there, it must be combined with moving forward.

Book Marketing #619
If you’re not passionate about what you write, you’ll never want to be its salesperson.

Book Marketing #620
Embrace the grind.

Book Marketing #621
Self-publish vs. Traditional publish. Either way, you’ll still be the one responsible for marketing your book.

Book Marketing #622
Create a landing page for each book.

Book Marketing #623
Make your title work for you: catchy + search engine friendly

Book Marketing #624
Come up with creative ways to photograph your book.

Book Marketing #625
Always be ready to pitch your book.

Book Marketing #626
Always carry promotional items with you.

Book Marketing #627
Set up a social media schedule.

Book Marketing #628
Select one color to be your “action” color on your website.

Book Marketing #629
Create link love on your site.

Book Marketing #630
Submit an article to an offline publication.

Book Marketing #631
If it makes sense to do so – tie your book to a charity or movement.

Book Marketing #632
Create your book’s landing page before you’re done with the book.

Book Marketing #633
If your book’s primary goal is to make money, write in a niche market, & give it a high price tag.

Book Marketing #634
Add “call to action” links at the beginning and ending of your e-book to take advantage of Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature.

Book Marketing #635
Make your book free the first 3 – 5 days of your launch.

Book Marketing #636
Launch on a Tuesday, but start pre-launch on Friday.

Book Marketing #637
During launch week, remember to give your social media outlets extra love.

Book Marketing #638
If you have a tight budget, skip the promo video.

Book Marketing #639
If you’re using crowdfunding for your first book, focus more on building a list of fans.

Book Marketing #640
Spend more time on blogging, building your brand & email list than trying to push book sales.

Book Marketing #641
Create a private Facebook group, interact regularly, and involve them early on in the launch process.

Book Marketing #642
Create a web-series with each episode as the core story for each book of your series.

Book Marketing #643
Have book cards (biz card size) made with your book cover on the front and the book’s info on the back.

Book Marketing #644
Leave your book card at airports & train stations.

Book Marketing #645
Put your book card in library books that fall in the same niche.

Book Marketing #646 is an excellent place to find an editor & get the scoop on scammers.

Book Marketing #647 equips writers for success.

Book Marketing #648
The Hot Sheet:
The essential publishing industry newsletter for authors – no drama, no hype.

Book Marketing #649
Non-fiction titles should be short & snappy w/ a keyword-rich subtitle.

Book Marketing #650
Electric Speed – Jane Friedman:
Helping authors and publishers make smarter business decisions

Book Marketing #651
The Importance of Finding Your Marketing Sweet Spot

Book Marketing #652
Pitch your book to five bloggers a week.

Book Marketing #653
Put a letter in the back of your book – something fun and witty – to encourage readers to follow you on social media.

Book Marketing #654
Use keyword strings in your amazon marketing instead of single keywords.

Book Marketing #655
Write a short blog post 2x a week to keep Google happy to have more new readers find you.

Book Marketing #656
Allow your loyal fans behind the scene glimpses.

Book Marketing #657
Post one piece of content a day on social media.

Book Marketing #658
Build a profile on Goodreads.

Book Marketing #659
Join a giveaway group on Goodreads.

Book Marketing #660
Claim your Amazon Author Central page.

Book Marketing #661
Tweak your Amazon book page every few months.

Book Marketing #662
Use HTML formatting to your book description to help it stand out.

Book Marketing #663
Make the 1st sentence in your book description a gripping headline.

Book Marketing #664
Use HTML to enhance your Amazon book title & description.

Book Marketing #665
You have a website — right?

Book Marketing #666
Make sure you have a Media Room on your website, even if you have not done any media appearances yet.

Book Marketing #667
Sell autograph copies of your books from your site.

Book Marketing #668
Send out a newsletter at least once a month.

Book Marketing #669
Offer new subscribers something for signing up for your newsletter—for example, access to your VIP author group.

Book Marketing #670
Start a podcast interviewing other authors.

Book Marketing #671
Be a podcast guest to talk about your book with some behind-the-scenes tidbits.

Book Marketing #672
Post a daily video on TikTok.

Book Marketing #673
Use video to answer fans’ questions.

Book Marketing #674
Reveal your next book via video.

Book Marketing #675
Let your readers know the inspiration behind the book.

Book Marketing #676
Have a character make a particular dish in the book? Make the recipe for your fans via TikTok, IG, FB Live, or YouTube.

Book Marketing #677
Tie your book promotion with a cause near and dear to your heart. Readers buy your book – you donate.

Book Marketing #678
The first step in book marketing is to figure out where readers will find your book.

Book Marketing #679
If you are writing fiction, you must like fiction – where did you find your last book?

Book Marketing #680
If you are writing non-fiction, you must read non-fiction, so who or what recommended the last book you read?

Book Marketing #681
The second step in book marketing is simple, make sure your books show up in the locations from step one.

Book Marketing #682
Before you write your book, you should know who would want to read it as these people are your target readers.

Book Marketing #683
Learn how to leverage Amazon’s algorithms.

Book Marketing #684
Include searchable keywords and categories into your book info before you publish.

Book Marketing #685
Have an eye-catching, genre-friendly cover.

Book Marketing #686
Create a reader’s group on Facebook.