Mercury Retrograde isn’t due till Sept 24th – and let me tell you, it’s kicking my ass already. My computer – grrr – my internet – double grrr and my wireless – &^^%$$#$%%^&**. That’s all I have to say about that! Thankfully it hasn’t cut the balls off of my good mood:) I’m so far behind on things that even with a telescope I can’t see my large behind — but I’m determined to get caught up. My alarm clock now says 5:00 am (it was 6:00 am) and next week if I’m not where I’m supposed to be – it’ll go to 4:30 am. Any earlier than 4:30 and I may kill someone by 7:00 pm 🙂

Today on, before I came on at 9:17 am, Maria was talking about how the full moon brought out emotions. Well let me tell you – boy my emotions are causing havoc. But – they only jump out as I’m rewriting the BLACK TRIANGLE. I swear – I cry the whole time I’m writing – it’s horrible. I’m thinking of rewriting the sex scenes just so I have something to look foreword to! But, I’ve recently become obsessed with the NBC show – 30 ROCK. I’ve already breezed through seasons 1 & 2 (thank you Netflix) and am now going through them again. If you haven’t watched the show – it is so damn funny. Alex Baldwin is brilliant in this show. Tina Fey and her supporting cast are also excellent – but it’s Baldwin that has me rolling. That show is making my rewrite move forward. Every time I get overly emotional – on comes 30 ROCK and I laugh myself silly. I need to write something that I could get that man to play in – he’s great no matter what role he’s taken on. What can I say? I’ve been a fan since BEETLE JUICE.


Okay – moving on……today’s chat on the Maria Shaw Show was great. We talked about my appearance at the 2nd Cosmic Convention at the end of October – the OBE Sex class I’m teaching as well as the séance that myself and Monica T are going to do! Maria brought up adding a class on Tantric Sex to the convention. I had been thinking about adding that element to my weekend OBE workshops. We’ll see if we can fit it in – it’ll have to be a very basic class!

Bob has been right there next to me now for a few weeks. He’s this big hulking energy – very protective – VERY. I thought Will was protective (and he is bless his heart), but with Bob it’s a massive amount of protective energy. A gentle giant — that’s a good way to describe Bob. Because although he is this massive energy and I can feel that this is something he’s been exploring and learning more about — he’s also very tender – gentle. Andrew has been saying since Friday that I have to put Bob’s real name into the blog and not use Bob. He’s pretty dang crazy about it too. Seems that Bob has either already been by the blogs and thinks that he’s Bob or he will soon and he has to know that what he reads is him. I wish you could see Andrew now – this usually very calm guide is jumping up and down like a crazed man. Do it now — now — NOW! He’s being wow – vocal. I ask why now? He’s says: why do the women in your family have to be so difficult (I have to smile on that one)? Don’t ask “why” there’s a reason.

Me – being me – had to draw a tarot card to see what I need to know about putting the name in now. I drew the Serpent – it’s all about healing and knowledge. It’s about understanding and taking what you know to transform your life – to shed the “skin” of the old and embrace the new with “new skin”. Then I drew Burden: to release burdens to allow others to follow their path. That I carry weight that is not my own. I had to draw one more card – King: male authority – and sexual energy, The king puts one on notice to take affirmative action and to put their house in order (as something is about to change).

Okay – it’s VINCENT. Not Bob. Vincent is his name. The reason I was very hesitant is because I can feel a female energy that is very attached to him through a karmic connection/past lives. This energy does not want anyone else involved in his energy. Of course – I know that the female energy knows I’m already involved. I can feel her on the outskirts. Andrew assures me that the female energy is not a problem at all – nor will she give anyone a problem. She may be very attached -but she is also kind-hearted and spiritual.

So sometime today Maria is going to send me the scoop on Vincent and when she does – I’ll post it. I did feel much better using his real name – never liked using the fake name.

My son’s teacher called me the other day to say what a wonderful student he is being this year! No trouble at all – a great leader and is setting a fine example for the other students. I knew my energy methods would work:)

Last weekend, my friend Pat and I went out. He’s my friend from high school (the fire chief). We had a good time – it was nice to chat with him. I had forgotten how much in common he and I have. My ex, of course, dodged talking my son for the day like he said he would – and Pat was cool about me bringing my son with us. The kid was remarkably good – I was shocked. Of course – he does want me to get married again:) If Pat and I lived in the same state – I don’t know – we might actually date. Of course he’s about to move to one of my favorite states – Montana. I’ve been to MT at least 8 times over the last 10 years – simply love Big Sky Country!

George and Will have been trying to out-do one another in showing up in my visions & energy field. They’re funny. One vision with Will is that he and I are in a room – some sort of meeting. I come in, shake his hand and say something like: Hi I’m Allie, I met you back in Feb in NYC at…….Will smiles and says oh I know who you are. How’s your son? His gaze is very direct – like his eyes are looking through me when he says he knows who I am. We have the meeting or whatever we’re at. Afterwards, I see him in the hall and tell him that my son and I are going to go grab something to eat – would he like to join us? He doesn’t even think about it – he just says yes.

SIGH. I can’t wait to see him again. I truly – truly – cannot wait.

Back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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