Will’s energy is something that I can normally keep from overwhelming me. Our energy is strong, but doable. Well, on a day like today with the blue moon energy, it is choking. The pain coming from him is relentless. I can feel the hurt of people lost. The regret of paths not taken. The longing to have someone to come home to and the fear of having someone to come home to. Throw in there that the energy triggered a deep longing from me to want to talk to him. And that’s pretty much how my day went.

Every fiber of my energy misses him. Every – last – one.

It’s not even a romantic missing. It’s an overall, all-encompassed, missing.

Hearing about his day. Asking his advice. Working on a creative project. Taking care of him when he’s sick. Things like that I miss.

Oh yeah…I’m not going to lie…the sex is hot. That I definitely miss.

That’s the #1 problem with connecting to the energy of someone who you’ve had more past lives with than just about anyone. You flip that switch when the realization is made. That switch not only floods your conscious with subconscious memories, but also ALL the feelings associated with those memories.


But this crazy ass energy doesn’t happen to just me and Will. Heck no. It happens to everyone who knows they are connected to someone else. Even if they don’t know they are connected, the crazy ass energy drums up energy they didn’t even know was there.

Has that happened to you on a full moon or a blue moon? Have you felt an overwhelming flood of emotions and had no clue why?

So how do you get through the day/night?

  • Drinking too much alcohol, or caffeine will expand the energy emotions. Avoid both if you can or at least drink in moderation.
  • Realize that the craziness isn’t all you.
  • Plan for the changes you want to see (just don’t make any major important decisions)
  • Send light to the other person/people.
  • Keep busy. Being a couch potato makes the energy build up.

Last, but certainly not least, remember that this too shall pass.

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