Blockages, Atlantis and Allie Theiss Show!

Blockages, Atlantis and Allie Theiss Show!

I can’t believe what a hard time I have with discipline and focus. Sometimes it drives me so crazy that I just don’t do anything. That’s the way this past weekend went for me. I had a list of things I wanted to do – most importantly writing about Atlantis and working on the flash spell book. But as hard as I tried – my brain felt heavy (for a lack of a better way of putting it) and I couldn’t think. I asked for help from all sources – guides Joshua, Edward, Ethan…angels and even Max the crystal skull. Nadda. Or if help was present I had no idea it was there.

The more I try to write about Atlantis – the bigger problem this is becoming. But not only am I affected while I’m awake – while I’m attempting to sleep I’m battling evil. And I mean – the icky kind of evil that tends to be played to the hilt in movies and TV. The evil is within others and wrecking their lives. So I’m there to rid the evil from their lives. The more I try to write about Atlantis – the more this is happening while I sleep. A coincidence? I don’t believe in them.

So what in the world is going on – that’s what I want to know. In case you’re not a part of my Facebook Friend’s Page you may not know what I’m talking about. I’m creating (recreating?) Atlantis from the ground up. Worlds, species, languages…all of this will go into three sections: movie (sets it up), TV series, book series (rounds it out).

I know I have to do this – Max confirmed it. Joshua confirmed it. Now my plan of action is not only to create, but to put a system in place that will allow me to do just that. Whatever or whoever is trying to interfere cannot be allowed to do so.

Which brings me to another part that ties into the above – money & career. I can change my thoughts about everything else – everything. Most importantly up until now the way I looked at myself and the thoughts I had about my ex husbands. I’ve tamed the beast – so to say. But the struggle to do so with money and career has me dumbfounded. It has gotten worse since I graduated college – not better as one would think it would. But then again – I didn’t start to work on Atlantis until now.

I flat out refuse to let whomever is trying to keep me under their shoe – to do so. It is even difficult to call forth any of the guys. This is what kind of wall is trying to go up around me and make me disconnected and therefore unable to do what must me done.

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this – I can’t be. It may not be in the same form – or to the extent – but I know I’m not alone – it’s impossible.

I have a suggestion to all of those who are having problems and lightworkers in general – for just a few minutes before you get out of bed and another few minutes before you go to sleep – send out your beautiful white light. Not necessarily to anyone in particular – but out to the universe. Since we are all connected – the white light will get to where it needs to go. Together we can put a stop to the force that does not want the positive, loving light to shine! Whose with me??

Don’t forget that the Allie Theiss Show is going strong on BlogTalkRadio! Call in number to talk to me, the guests or simply to listen is (760) 542-4156.

On Tuesday’s show Betty Roberts will be back and we’ll discuss tarot and crystal children. In the 2nd hour Monica Davis will be on hand to talk about healing, stones and crystals.

Wednesday’s show brings back Holly Vincent to talk about angels, healing and what’s going on in the news. In the 2nd hour my son will be on for 30 min to talk about psychic children.

Finally to round out the week – Allie and Allie will be back as Allie Cheslick will be on the show to talk about whatever tickles our fancy:)

As always for all the shows taking callers and doing free readings!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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