I’ve been pretty absent from the blog and my newsletter the last month. That’s because I’ve been a good girl and am going full-steam ahead on Soulful Connections.

I made some changes to the original layout/content of the book. The first half of the book is now all about what are soul mates, twin flame, the types of soul mates and how all of you can find and connect to your soul tribe! The 2nd half is all about my yummy, gooey, soul tribe. Problem with these guys is that the more I write about them, the more are coming out of the woodwork and want to be included!

I put a cap on the ones who will make the book. It ends at Ben 2!

How to Use This Book

Since 2003 I have received thousands of emails from people who want to know about soul connections. Do soul mates exist? What are twin flames? What happens if I know my twin flame? Unless you know other people who experience the same experiences you do, it’s difficult to tell them what is going on. I know this first hand. Trying to explain the guys and our connection brought fear out of many that I told. Fear that I was insane. Trust me, there was years when I thought I had gone off the deep-end.

Then I started writing the Allie’s Two Cents blog on Gypsyadvice.com (all merged into current site)about Bill and Ted. Our connections, what I discovered about our past lives, and connections our souls made with one another in this life, during dreams, astral travel, telepathic connections, and meditations.

From me opening up and soulfully exposing myself to the public, people worldwide are realizing that they are not alone. It’s a wonderful feeling. A journey, I discovered, what you need to find your twin flame and soul mates:

  • Okay with being alone – as in not in a relationship.
  • Your current past is where it belongs, in the past.
  • Your heart chakra is open and active.


Without all three, it is more difficult to attract your soul connections. It’s not impossible, but more difficult.

The first part of the book is the what, where, and how of soul mates & twin flames. The second part is my soul tribe.

The best way to use this book is to pay attention to the stories of my guys (soul tribe). Within each story you will read about the signs that took me to them and the “ah-ha” moment when I realized the connection. I will also tell you how I connect to each of them when I need to feel a stronger pulse to their energy. What I describe to you in part one I tell you how I put it into action in part two.

Pay attention to my triumphs and my failures. Learning what works and what does not work will save you much time and heartache. Everyone can find their soulful connections. EVERYONE.

The two things I want you to get out of my stories are:

  1. You’re not crazy.
  2. You’re never alone.

Grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let me tell you how it all began…



A Note About The Guys

Each of my soul tribe members is a public figure. Some very well-known in their niche, while others people recognize, but have no idea of their name. Because of their elevated status, I will never publicly out our connection by revealing their full name. You are free to speculate – in fact, it’s rather fun to try to figure out who I am talking about as there are clues all over the place. The only way I will ever give public acknowledgment is if he first agreed to it.

I would like to add that I do not care what they do for a living. Whatever fame they have and what’s in their bank account means zero. If they were to quit their occupation now and become a beach bum on an island, it would not change a thing. I do not want anything from them. I do not expect anything from them. What I do want them to know is that I am very grateful for the connection (and for the human bodies they decided to inhabit this time around – there’s enough eye-candy to keep me smiling for eternity).

Next up…talking about soul mates!

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