Orgasm comes from the Greek word orgas, meaning “to swell,” and the Sanskirt urg, meaning “nourishment, power, strength.” Think of an orgasm as an event of the rich swelling of your body, emotions, and female power.

Ladies, you could fake your orgasm, but why miss out? Asserting that you want and deserve full pleasure makes a strikingly sexy statement. Furthermore, orgasm enhances your feeling of aliveness and produces a hormone called oxytocin, which increases lust. And for your man, nothing is more erotic and empowering than knowing he has driven his woman over the edge into ecstasy.

Triggering a Climax

Sometimes you’re just not feeling the surge of power, but you can deliberately coax your body into orgasm by doing things that bring blood and sensitivity to your genitals.

  1. Pant, imaging that you are breathing into your vagina.
  2. Tighten your tush, especially that anal muscles.
  3. Massage your clit directly, either with your own or your lover’s hand (word to the wise – MOST women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm).
  4. Invite him to lick you.
  5. Clench and release your PC muscles.
  6. Push out forcefully and hold.
  7. Stress your thigh muscles by leaning back from a standing or kneeling posture.
  8. Get into positions that encourage deep penetration and intense G-sport or clot stimulation – you on top; deep, free-moving rear entry; missionary with a pillow under your fanny.

The + 1: Your man might never know how wild and blissful he’s made you unless you tell him. Don’t be shy: moan, growl, scream in delight. Kiss and thank him for the most incredible orgasm you’ve ever had. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with cries of pleasure and words of praise; they help you express and intensify your ecstasy while making him feel manly and inspired.


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