Bliss: Watching, Listening, and Messages

You find yourself listening or watching a particular song/show/movie over and over again. Why? What would make you obsess over something – time and time again?

Simple – the Universe is giving you a message.

But simple is never that simple. You still need to figure out the message.

When you feel the draw…

1) If it’s a person – watch, listen, look, or engage at as many times as you need. He or she is a past life connection. It may be a karmic connection with loose ends that need tidied up or lessons to learn.

2) If it’s a movie theme – you are supposed to adapt part or all of the theme into your own life.

3) If it’s a song – listen, listen, listen. The lyrics are where your message lies. See what part you listen to over or over again – or your “favorite” part.

Always remember that if the person is an actor, musician, politician or famous in some other manner, they were never always famous. Inside that human shell they have a soul, just like you.

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