In a public post I listed some ideas for creating your own Valentine’s Day Coupons for your honey. If your honey is happy, then you’re happy and therefore everyone is happy. Coupons do not have to cost anything to make and the activities on the coupons do not have to be expensive.

Here are 20 more ideas:

  • One foot massage
  • One hand massage
  • I will read one book to you of your choice
  • I will cook dinner for a week
  • I will clean the house
  • I will clean the garage
  • We will take dance lessons of your choice
  • I will allow you to change my diet
  • I will stop smoking/drinking/doing drugs, etc…
  • We will watch a movie of your choice
  • I will devote to you 30 min a day of undivided attention
  • I will get the kids ready for school
  • I will give the kids a bath
  • I will be the children’s driver for a day
  • The next vacation destination is up to you
  • This is simply to say I LOVE YOU
  • One body rub down with oils
  • We’ll try a new sexual position of your choice
  • I will role play the character of your choice
  • We will spend the night without any animals or children in bed with us


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