Communicating with your partner or anyone else close to you such as a child, friend, family or co-worker, takes more than just “talking”. There has to be a mutual give and take – not to mention a good amount of patience 🙂

Top 5 Communication Skills

  1. Listen generously – reflect back what the person said. This helps you tune in.
  2. Speak unarguably – speak in statements of fact that can’t be argued. Example: “I feel bad when you leave for work without saying good-bye.”
  3. Focus on appreciation – focus on positive aspects of your partner and your relationship.
  4. Turn your complaints into requests – “If I make dinner, will you clean up?” Be committed to making clear agreements.
  5. Shift from blame to wonder – saying “hmmmm” out loud, shifts the critical mind to the creative mind. When you are creative instead of critical, solutions are closer to being found.

The next time you find yourself in a communication dilemma, give the above steps a try. I think you’ll be surprised by the outcome!

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