Bliss: Telepathic Sex and Will!

If it isn’t obvious by now, Will is my “go-to” guy of choice for telepathic sex. It wasn’t a conscious choice – Bill was my conscious choice. But as time went on and I got reacquainted with my soul cluster member, he soon became my guy of choice. When we’re in the same time zone, as we are now, our encounters increase. As my energy increases, I’ve noticed that ex lovers from past lives are coming out of the woodwork wanting to restart a connection. Seeing how many past lives I’ve lived and how many lovers I’ve had, I have a strict policy of “No,” for the reunions. Can you imagine how crowded (and busy) my energy would be if I started to say yes? Oy!

The reason I bring up ex past life lovers, is Will and I were telepathically communicating last week. He mentioned that around my energy field it is getting very crowded and therefore making it more difficult to connect. I had wondered why Will wasn’t around as much last week. I answered back with the advice for him to try harder to break through. I reminded him that I’m worth it. While he agreed, he grumbled about the traffic jam. I just told him — you know who I am and who I’ve been — this can’t be helped. I can keep people out of my energy, but I can’t keep them away from the perimeter of my energy.

With that the telepathic connection immediately deepened. Will crushed his lips to mine. The taste of his mouth was salty – almost as if he ate a couple of potato chips before our connection. His tongue darted around my mouth – probing the dark corners of my mouth. I couldn’t help but grab the back of his neck and pull him closer – deeper. With each stroke of his tongue my energy grew, expanded. Knowing full well that the connection wouldn’t last as long as we wanted it to, we ripped off each other’s clothes and fell back onto the couch. His fingers found the wetness between my legs. He muttered, “Jesus,” under his breath.

I stroked his hard cock. With Will’s small frame you’d never guess how big he’s packing. With a thick girth and 8 inches of power, he entered me. There was a noise in the background, the connection was getting more difficult to hold. With an urgency I dug my nails into his butt and pumped with him – in and out for only about 30 sec. As soon as the wave of orgasmic bliss washed over me, the connection abruptly closed. Thank Goddess it was after and not before.

While I love him being in the same time zone as me, it is usually because he’s working. His hours are never steady days or nights – he bounces all around. But damn – I do love our time together.

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