Telepathic sex inside of dream sex. This was a new one for the books – for sure!

There is an unknown man who is very skilled in OBE and metaphysical pursuits. He knows who I am, but is able to block me from seeing him. This is not the unknown man from a few years ago. This guy has popped in and out for years. I call him my big and burly billionaire. Because he is wealthy. And he looks like either a bigger – broader Sean Astin or almost an exact replica of Michael Cuditz. Although this guy is neither Sean or Micheal. I do see his name as Robert – goes by Bob. He has something to do with the Chrysler building in NYC. No clue what.

Now with telepathic/dream experience. I would be in one of my dreams and I would see him off to the side watching me. Everywhere I went that night – there he was. He wasn’t an active part of any of my dreams — just off to the side. Watching, But it wasn’t creepy watching, It was actually comforting.

I remember being on the floor in one dream. He was connecting to me via telepathically in the dream. We were having the most amazing telepathic sex. I could feel him vividly between my legs. The man knows his way around oral sex.

In the midst of it, I remembered that I was dreaming. When that happened, I opened my eyes (in the dream) and there was someone in the shadows watching me masturbate and orgasm. That is when it dawned on me that it is telepathic sex inside of dream sex. He was in the dreamscape – but he connected telepathically to me for sex, instead of being right there in the dream.

The dream did shift after that because I kept thinking where is my burly billionaire? He showed up and I did have a few moments with him and I asked him his name. He was hurt that I asked. I said that our brains store all of our memories and we need a trigger to recall them. His name would be my trigger. So he told me his name that I cannot remember – and I recalled a memory (in the dream still) of one lifetime he wrote an erotic love story. This was a long long time ago – we’re talking ancient times. The story was about us, although he used fictional character names. How the characters felt towards one another in that story is how we felt with one another in that life. The hardcover book was 8×11 with a red leather covering – blue lettering. There is an “S” in the name of the book.

If I tilt the book, the blue writing would show up better against the raised symbols on the cover. I think it was a repeating trinity symbol on the cover.

I’m looking forward to seeing him again and hopefully putting more together about our connection.

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