What Is A Soul Mate?

A misconception is that a soul mate is a romantic love interest. A soul mate is not what you see on TV and in advertisements. They are not a soul or energy to complete you. Always remember that the only one who can complete you is you.

Soul mates are a designated mate to help you, and themselves accomplish mutual goals, which can be best achieved by supporting, working and guiding each other through various situations.

A soul mate can be:

1) Your lover or spouse

2) A family member

3) A friend

4) An enemy

5) Your pet

6) Your spirit guide

Different types of soul mate connections include:

1) Family

2) Soul mate/lover/spouse

3) Soul groups

4) Past-life connections

5) Soul friends

6) Soul guide

A twin flame is a soul mate but a soul mate doesn’t mean he or she is a twin flame. The one thing to always remember about a soul mate is just because you find he or she doesn’t mean the two of you are to be together in this lifetime for any reason. If the two of you are to be together in any manner it will be in your mutual soul agreement. If it is not specified in that agreement, then you two may both be alive, but you’re not meant to have any meaningful connection in this life.

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