As adults, showers provide a wonderful environment for sex. The shower is a natural place for men to go all the way with masturbation, relieving all the tensions of the day. Same with women, a shower is a place of privacy and solitude, a perfect place for masturbation – with or without a sex toy.

Jumping into the shower as a couple is perfect for sexual fun.

Here are 4 things to do in the shower:

  1. Watch him – at the climax of a porn, the male star withdraws so he can watch as he ejaculates on his partner’s belly, breasts or face. Sit and enjoy watching your partner while he puts on a fine show for you in the shower.
  2. Water massage – with the temperature just right and the shower full on, use the hose to give your partner a water massage. A bath hose is best for massaging her genitals – and some women love it so much that they come as the water gently needles their vulva and clitoris.
  3. Lathering up – use plenty of soap or shower gel to make each other hot and slippery. Concentrate on sliding your hands all over each other getting hot a turned on. When it is time for penetration, use a not water-soluble lube like K-Y, for inner slipping and sliding.
  4. Golden showers – the shower is the place to play a favorite game of childhood, with an erotic twist – golden showers. Go wild and do it all
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