Sexual intercourse does relieve tension and lower blood pressure. However, there are other blissfully sexy techniques that will not only help tension melt away, but drive the erotic energy sky high. Getting the circulation going and the blood oxygenated by touching the arms and legs is one sensual way!

Sexual Tension Buster

  1. With her partner lying on his or her back, start at the ankles. Wrap your hands around them, making close contact with your palms and fingers against his or her skin. With all circulation strokes, the idea is to move the hands together, pushing the blood in the direction of the heart. Work up the legs, and as you come back down again, keep the pressure in the same direction, towards the heart.
  2. Now work the arms in the same way, again with the strokes in the direction of the heart.

And while you’re there…

With your partner lying on his or her back, raise the lower leg to make a right angle with the floor. Lean forward and rest the soul of the foot on your chest. Wrap your hands around the calf and massage it deeply towards the heart, applying little circles of pressure with your thumbs.

Massage your partner’s inner thighs with deep thumb pressure. Work up to the genitals but don’t touch them. An invigorating massage will get the blood pumping in the genital area.

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