My new magical intention webinar is going to rock. It is so far removed from what is currently out there. With this form of magic, you do not use any physical props. None. Zip. Nadda.

Sounds like it would be simple – doesn’t it?

It’s not. In fact – far from it. Merlin (his name is actually a sound, so we just say Merlin cause it easy) has been with me every step of the way. He and I chatted about how I can move this type of magic into not only love, money, manifestation – but also sex.

It rocks as sex magic. It truly does.

If you want a simple love magic spell using my magical intention method – visit today’s public blog post.

For you – today – I want to give you a simple (that word is deceiving) sex magic spell.

There is nothing more powerful than energy and no energy more powerful than love and sexual energy.

  1. Sit comfortable someplace where you will not be disturbed.
  2. In the background, burn Frankincense, Sandalwood or Sage (if you do not have it – it’s ok)
  3. If you have a bell – ring it several times. If you do not, clap your hands instead. This is to break up any stale energy.
  4. Close your eyes and IMAGINE you are ALONE on a BED in a ROMANTIC setting.
  5. Next to the bed, there is an ORANGE CANDLE. Light it.
  6. IMAGINE someone there whom you would LOVE to have fantasy sex with – stepping out from the candle and that person “steps” into you on that bed.
  7. Now keep this in mind – you are imaging yourself imagining a lover. Got it?
  8. WITHOUT actually physically touching yourself, IMAGINE yourself masturbating while you IMAGINE having sex with your lover.
  9. Take yourself as far as you can – sexually – in your image. As you progress sexually – the candle burns lower and lower.
  10. Stop what you are doing. If you had an orgasm – great – it would have carried over to your physical body. If you did not – your energy level is heightened to a point where you will have to have sex with someone NOW or masturbate until you have a release.

Now you’re asking – what did that do besides turn you on? It super-charged your energy body on all 3 planes and all 7 layers. You are now a SUPER-CHARGED NOVA.

  1. You are a magical magnet for the next 12 hrs.
  2. Thoughts turn into things – things turn into your reality. Pull to you want you need to have the life you want.
  3. Start a new project – go out and find love – work on a current love – apply for a new job – ask for a raise — the list is endless.

It is important to note that this is NOT OBE Sex. Yes – you can do this with someone and have OBE Sex during this and yes – the results would be more powerful and last longer. But this is “simple” magic today 🙂

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