Sex games are a great way to spice up a relationship. While getting involved in a sex games with your partner, you are able to drive your partner wild while rediscovering your sensuality. You two will have the power to improve performance, remove inhibitions while expanding your sexual catalog. All it takes is some time, an open mind and a willingness for exploration.

The game I want to talk about now is all about blindfolds!

Well, maybe not about blindfolds exactly, but about blindfold sensations!

You can blindfold your lover (or he/she blindfold you) to make his/her sense of touch more acute, then experiment with different sensations – texture, temperature, pressure – on varies parts of your/their body. It’s fun to keep it slow. You will be able to discover what parts of the body are sensitive to each stimulant. Make sure you both voice your opinion on what your/they are feeling and guess on what the stimulant may be.

Here are some examples of stimulating sensations:

  • Cool Treats – ice cream and fruit sorbets are edible and delicious coolants that you can use imaginatively with your partner’s body!
  • Ice – try giving your partner oral sex with crushed ice in your mouth.
  • Heat – heat up your mouth with a warm drink before oral sex.
  • Poprocks – pop the candy in your mouth before oral sex.
  • Hot Compress – fit an inflatable bath pillow filled with hot water under their neck and place miniature hot water bottles at strategic points on their body. Or you can use the little “beanbags” of wheat heated up in the microwave. After they are placed, doodle around the beanbags/bath pillow with a feather, an ice cube or warm spoons dipped in oil.
  • Feathers – try stroking your partner’s skin with a feather or a boa made of swansdown.
  • Marbles – massage the stomach and chest with a handful of marbles, rolling them in small clockwise circles.
  • Sweet Sensation – dribble warm honey on his erect penis or her nipples and suck it off.
  • Gel – use a squidgy gel – sold as moisturizing face mask – for rubbing into nipples and the penis. Slather it on really thickly, paying attention to the inner thighs and perineum before you move on to the testicles and penis. For the nipples, make sure you slather it on thick on the entire breast.

Just by adding one of the above ideas to your sexual play-time, you and your partner will discover more about each other and about yourselves.

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