Sometimes you want a little energized surge of sexiness on the way to your bed with your partner! This powder will help you not only energize your sexiness, it will embrace your love!

  • You need: small container w/lid, quartz crystal, corn starch, hibiscus, rose petals, and ginger.
  • Combine equal powdered or ground parts of hibiscus, rose petals, with a dash of ginger in the smal container.
  • Add a touch of corn starch (this keeps the powder from caking). If you need more – add more.
  • Place in the quartz crystal.
  • Put on the lid.
  • Shake the container to mix the herbs.
  • Sprinkle a path to the bedroom. It can be as lavish or discreet as you want it to be as long as the path is unbroken.
  • You and your partner need to walk the path, but it does not have to be at the same time.

Enjoy your time of love, passion, and sexual excitement!

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