We all know how much I love telepathy and telepathic sex in particular. For those who do not believe in it’s existence (telepathic sex), has never tried to connect with someone for the purpose of a sexual turn-on.

Give this telepathic sex exercise a try. Doesn’t matter if you are flying solo or if you have a partner to hook up to.

  1. Close your eyes and imagine your partner or target person (if currently single) in your mind’s eye. Really use your imagination and “see” them.
  2. See your energy body enlarging.
  3. Send your energy body to wrap around your partner/target person.
  4. Once your energy body is wrapped around them, wait until you feel a tingle, vibration or other sensation in your solar plexus chakra (2 in above the belly button). If you do not feel anything within 10 sec, imagine a white light coming from your temporal lobes (right above your ears on the sides of your head) and wrapping around them. That should make the connection.
  5. Send a ball of white light into their groin area. See it go through the groin and enter the body. Move it out the other side of their body, through the front and then into your groin area, out the back, back through out the front and into them.
  6. Do this light exercise for at least 30 sec, more if you can hold the connection.
  7. When you’re done, pull back the white light from your temporal lobes (if you did that step), then your energy body away from their body.
  8. Imagine your energy body decreasing in size.
  9. Open your eyes and take a deep breath.

What did this exercise do? Sexually charged your partner/target person and you to be orgasmic in sync. If you orgasm, so will they (or they will at least have the sexual urge to take care of it). The longer you can pass the light ball, the more intense the orgasm will be for both of you!

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