OBE sex slave – he was a willing participant, believe me! Owen was very willing to do whatever it was I wanted in our dream sex visit last week. We were in an RV – looked to be an older Airstream. I recognized the curved interior with the aluminium walls. Red curtains lined the windows. There was jazz playing on the sound system. Lights were dim. The bed was round — but — there was no bed in the middle, it was a hot tub. He reached to the small kitchen counter and poured us two glasses of red wine.

The next thing I knew, we were naked in the hot tub. He took a dive while I happily drank my wine. In the dream I knew it was a dream – but I still said to myself how I still cannot believe how real (as in our physical reality real) it all felt. I could feel his tongue move into each little crevice underwater. His tongue darted in and out and it all felt soooo good. The next thing I know I was telling him to use a feather whip over my breasts while I played with his manhood. I didn’t last too long with this and grabbed him for some passionate kissing. The next thing I knew – I was wide awake. Which was a bummer. But I could feel his hands on my body and his lips on my lips.

How did Owen get in my dreams to begin with? He was the last person on my mind as I fell asleep. I pulled him into the dream with me.

Something that you can do without a second thought. Just put yourself into a fantasy with your intended dream lover as you fall asleep. He/she will show up in your dreams. No doubt about it.

Now you remembering it is another story!

Happy OBE’ing!

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