You can use a telepathic connection to not only receive, but also to suggest. Suggestions get easier to make and have the other person receive the stronger you are telepathically. Keep in mind that suggestions are just that – a suggestion – they are not a command of any kind. They are quick, to the point and usually do not last longer than a flash.

You cannot telepathically suggest to someone something that would be out of the person’s comfort zone. They can be used to suggest simple things like; “Rub your nose,” “Scratch your head,” and “Look behind you.” They can also be used for OBE foreplay. Short, physical suggestions are much easier to transmit and have them receive than complex suggestions.

To Send A Telepathic Suggestion

  1. Create the normal telepathic link as you did in “Making A Telepathic Connection”.
  2. Think of your suggestion and move that suggestion from your mind, through the white light and into their mind.
  3. Make sure your suggestion is clear, concise, and simple. It helps if you send a picture, sound or idea with the suggestion, and not just the words.
  4. Close the connection as you did in “Making A Telepathic Connection”.

But Don’t Take My Word For It!

  1. Do you have a partner? Set up a date and time for the two of you to connect. Keep the connection short and sweet. Note your impressions in a journal. Compare notes.
  2. If you are single, connect to a person you do know: family member, best friend, current crush, or ex high school flame. Keep the connection short and sweet. Note your impressions in a journal.
  3. Once you made a short connection with another person. Next try to send a telepathic suggestion. For example, for the other person to call, text, or send you an email.

Keep an open mind. Remember that nothing happens immediately. This takes practice.

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