I decided to start each of the 3 OBE sections with a story from a client. I had so many stories to chose from which is why it’s been difficult to pick! This is about a couple – Lisa and Ben. I MAY add another story about a single client with no active partner – to show that connecting with someone is doable even if you do not have anyone at the moment!

“Lisa and Ben”

Lisa sat at work like any other day typing away at her computer keyboard when all of a sudden she felt horny. Her thoughts immediately went to Ben. But she wasn’t thinking of Ben before she got turned on, so why did she get sexually aroused and think of Ben? She tried to logically think it through and wasn’t coming up with answer. So she pushed him and her horniness from her mind and continued on with her work.

About an hour later she was talking with a co-worker at the vending machine when she felt her left nipple tingle. She loved it when Ben teased her nipples with his mouth, so her thoughts went immediately to him. Flustered, she excused herself from the co-worker and went into the one-person restroom. Leaning on the bathroom sink, she could feel a tingling on her neck. If she wasn’t looking in the mirror, she would have sworn that he was behind her.

The sensations continued to her lips, her breasts, down to the dampness between her legs. Inside her head her voice screamed, “This is nuts – get back to work,” but she didn’t want it to stop. It felt so good – so Ben-like. God she missed him. Ben was half-way around the world in the UK for business while she was home in Chicago. They had nightly Skype video chats, but it was never enough. She longed to feel him inside of her. What was happening right now felt like he was thrusting inside of her. Lisa couldn’t take it any longer. Masturbating to the sensation of Ben thrusting in and out of her, Lisa rode the sensations to orgasmic release.

Later that evening, during the nightly Skype chat, Ben asked Lisa if she felt anything sexual today towards him. Surprised by his question, she hesitantly answered yes – then added, but why did he ask? Ben admitted that after work he went back to his flat and couldn’t stop thinking about her. The more he thought of her, the hornier he became. So he closed his eyes and imagined that he was there with her at work having his way with her! But then he got a phone call and had to run out for work. When he came back an hour later he resumed thinking about throwing her on her boss’s desk and ramming into her until she came all over him. Lisa told Ben what had happened to her at work and that she couldn’t leave the bathroom until she had taken care of herself!

That was when Lisa Googled “telepathic sex” and found yours truly. Since that point in time, I worked with the couple and now that can slip into telepathic sex with one another all the time – no matter if Ben is out of the country or just down the street. It has taken their relationship to a new, energetically and spiritually, deeper level. Before Lisa and Ben could master “on the fly” telepathic sex, they had to master a telepathic connection.

(next up the telepathic connection section)

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