I decided to add another story to each of the three sections of OBE sex. One from a couple and another from a single client. Since a person does not have to be in a relationship to experience OBE sex, I thought it was important to point out both.


Samantha had been blissfully single for the last three years. With her marriage ending up in flames and working 60+ hrs a week to make up for the layoffs, sex was the last thing on her mind. One night she was half-way comatose in front of her TV watching some program she could’ve cared less about. Suddenly, she felt a twinge of sexual excitement between her legs. That area has been “dead” for years, so she thought she was imagining it. But it came again, this time stronger than the first time. She tried to pay attention to the TV show. However, the more she tried not to pay attention to her sexual excitement, the stronger it became. Finally, she turned off the TV and went to bed. She tossed and turned for hours, trying to ignore the tingles on her nipples, the pressure on her lips, and the increasing wetness between her legs. She couldn’t take it any more and masturbated herself into an orgasmic release. Happy and exhausted, she fell asleep.

The next evening it was a repeat of the previous night. Except this time she didn’t try to fight it. Instead she flowed with the sexual excitement. After her orgasm, she stayed awake for awhile, thinking about why this is happening. What is going on? Is she imagining it? What would her friends think if she told them?

She felt comfortable with the energy as if she knew that the energy was a person she already knew. But how was that possible? None of it made sense to her. Based on her academic background in IT, she could not logically figure out what was going on. That is when she searched the Internet for an explanation and found me. We had a few sessions together and it was discovered that the energy belonged to a man in her soul group. He found her by reaching out to the Universe and putting it out there that he was looking for people in his soul group of the opposite sex. Her energy was the one that connected and responded. Although the two have yet to meet in person, they still connect via a telepathic connection/sex several times a week!

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