Telepathic foreplay – now we’re getting to the juicy stuff! Just like there is foreplay with physical sex, telepathic sex has it too! Telepathic foreplay is ALWAYS a fun way to get your partner sexed-up and ready for a later sexual tryst!


Like with the story of Lisa and Ben, have you ever had such an intense daydream that it caused you to become sexually aroused or to experience an orgasm? Experts say that the mind is the largest and most important erogenous zone on a human being. Since this is fact and not science fiction, it is conceivable that two people can connect via the energy body and minds to turn each other on to such a state that a physical orgasm is achievable from both partners.

Out of the three OBE sex methods – telepathic sex is the easiest to master.

Why? With telepathic sex, your conscious mind is actively engaged in the sexual event. Your brain waves connect with another’s brain wave. In your mind’s eye you can see, your temporal lobes enable you to hear, your taste buds come alive with taste, and your sensation of touch ignites with the feel of the sexual act, taking place.

It is easy to remember telepathic sex experiences, as your conscious mind is not separate for your physical body as it is in dream and astral sex. Instead, it still resides on the physical body with one’s mental energy field making the sexual connection instead of the astral energy field. The person is awake, fully conscious with the sexual acts happening in real time. Telepathic sex can happen anytime, anywhere – on a plane, in the shower, in your bed, standing in line — there are no limits to where it can take place! However, some people find it easier to achieve (at least at first) in a quiet environment.

Think of telepathic sex as real-time sex without the physical merging. With telepathic sex, the odds of having an orgasm are very high as none of your energy bodies (astral, mental, emotional – etc…) is separate from your physical body.

Can you tell if you make the connection with another person or if it is just a fantasy? Yes, you can. How? Just as you can tell with a telepathic communication – you have that zing of energy and a warm flow over your body when you have that telepathic connection. If this factor is missing in the telepathic sex, then you are simply having a fantasy and not the telepathic sex.

Just like with physical sex, there is foreplay in telepathic sex!

Telepathic Foreplay

Think of telepathic foreplay as a version of a telepathic suggestion. The connections are quick, to the point and always (obviously) involve some form of sexual foreplay.

The easiest and most effective foreplay methods include:

  • Kissing the target person’s neck (my personal favorite)
  • Nibbling on or blowing into the target person’s ears
  • Giving the target person a quick flick of your tongue up the center of their back
  • Playing with the target person’s nipples – whether it’s licking, sucking, nibbling or fondling
  • A quick couple licks in the target person’s groin
  • Grabbing the target person’s butt

How To Have Telepathic Foreplay

Remember, these acts are quick and to the point. You can do this while standing in line, puttering away at work or taking your shower!

  • Close your eyes and telepathically connect to your sex partner. If you do not have anyone – imagine someone you know that you would like to have sex.
  • Once you have connected…hold it there for a minute.
  • Pick a place on their body you would like to play with a bit. Pick one spot and one spot only.
  • Once you pick the spot, imagine yourself dishing out the foreplay. Take in the sensation of their surprise and pleasure. Really feel what is going on with all of your senses. Do this for 30 seconds.
  • Break the connection
  • Repeat as needed throughout the day

For now, concentrate on one area of foreplay at a time. The more skilled you get in telepathic sex, the more foreplay you can add. When you do feel you are ready for more foreplay add something else to the mix, but again only stay on that area for 30 seconds. So if you are going to lick an ear – do it for 30 seconds and then move to the nipples – for 30 seconds for a grand total of 1 minute of foreplay.

More is not better here unless you know what you are doing. The last thing you want to do is turn off your target person to a sexual encounter with you.

The more time you can give the joy of telepathic foreplay, the more your target person will be aroused. This is a great way to get a partner revved up for an evening of physical sex, OBE sex or both!


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