When experiencing OBE, the space you use is as important as the techniques you need to “take off”. Here is the next section of the OBE sex book – enjoy!

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Preparing Your Space

Where you engage in OBE sex is as important as the techniques used to have OBE experiences. Would you work in your office without a desk and computer? Probably not. Same rule of thought applies to OBE. You want to find a place where you will not be disturbed. This is especially important for dream and astral sex. Once out of the dream or astral state, it is difficult to slip right back in and return to the exact location and pick up at the precise moment you left.

Your space affects not only your OBE experiences, but your physical life. You should make sure that:

  • The space is quiet where you will not be disturbed.
  • The room is comfortable with either a comfortable bed, chair/couch, or floor mat/pillows.
  • The walls should have a cool color such as blue, purple, or green.
  • Red is an aggressive color as well as a passionate one. Red is good as a secondary color on accessory items, such as lamps, pictures, or stones.
  • Orange is a sexual, creative color and used in OBE sex. It is a great color to have in the bedroom if that is your OBE space. However, if you are using an office or another part of your home as OBE central, keep orange to the accessories in the room.
  • Yellow is a communicative, confidence color. Great color if you are using an office or a secondary room for your OBE space. However, if you are using your bedroom,, keep yellow to the accessories in your room.
  • A secure place for incense to burn or an essential oil diffuser.
  • The space is clutter-free.
  • The area is organized.

No electronic devices are in the room. This includes TV, computer, and cell phone. The electronic waves that emit from the devices interfere with OBE experiences. If the room has to have them in it, say in an office or living room, make sure they are off and unplugged prior to trying OBE.

A Sample Space

A client came to me and was just beside himself because he could not get an OBE sex experience to take place. So I asked him, what does your space look like? He replied…

“I use my spare bedroom for my OBE experiences. It has beige walls with a few pictures hanging on it. The bed has a blue comforter and there are two brown dressers, one with a mirror. Most of the floor is stacked with boxes from my parent’s house. They died several years ago.”

I asked him how often does he vacuum the floor and take a dust cloth to the dressers. He admitted that it has been five years since he’s done anything like that in that room – same time the boxes moved in. A dusty, cluttered room just will not have the energy flow he needs for OBE. My advice for him was to either to conduct OBE sex in another room, or get this room into shape. He chose to stay in that room.

The changes I proposed included:

  • Moving the boxes out of the room into either the basement/attic or renting storage.
  • Clean the room by dusting, vacuuming, and removing spider webs/dead bugs.
  • Paint the walls a soothing sky blue. Relaxes him so that it is easier to slip into a OBE state.
  • Add an orange or burnt orange shade comforter to the bed for sexual energy.
  • A few red accessories such as a candle and picture frames with pictures of happy moments for passion
  • Paint the dressers either green (for love) or white (communication to guides/angels).

My client followed my advice. When he attempted OBE sex afterwords, at first it was dicey as he was still hesitant that it would work. But after time and practice, he was able to enjoy OBE sex. He uses the room so much for his OBE activities, that he is considering making it his main bedroom! If so – I think he’ll notice an increase in his OBE and physical sex lives!

Take Action

Choose a place where you want to experience OBE sex. Take a look around the space. Is it clean? Non-cluttered? What colors are dominant in the room?

Action Steps

  • Dust and vacuum.
  • Put away the clutter.
  • Look back to the beginning of this section and determine what color changes should be made.
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