This is a section I added to the “Basics” section, right before preparing your space and body! Your inner light helps to determine what kind of energy you pull towards you. The higher the vibration, the better for you!


Before starting on the path to OBE experiences, I think it’s a good idea to prepare or strengthen your inner light. The inner light is of course our soul. The reason it needs strengthened is that although at birth it shines nice and bright, throughout our lives we shovel a lot of crap on top of our soul. Stuff like,”I’ll be alone for the rest of my life,” “I’m fat,” or “I’ll not amount to anything.”

With every derogatory statement, our inner light gets muddied up. Making it more difficult to shine through the self-imposed crap pile.

When your light is dim, you will attract lower energies during your OBE experiences. In an upcoming section I talk about sharing intimate energy. When you have sex with someone, whether it be OBE sex or physical sex, your energies co-mingle. That is why it is important that you keep your energy vibration high and strong so that you only attract to you higher vibrational souls/people.

Techniques to Prepare Your Inner Light

  • Get rid of self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs. Call in guides, angels, or whomever or whatever Divine energy you wish to invoke to take away your negative beliefs. Say in a loud commanding voice, “Take these negative thoughts and beliefs. I AM DONE with them!” I find it helpful to imagine a shovel digging out my throat, heart & solar plexus chakras to release a black goo into the Universe.
  • Consciously be aware of your thoughts. When a negative, self-limiting thought pops in,push it out of your mind and bring in a positive thought.
  • Think about what makes you happy. More important – FEEL the happiness associated with the thought.
  • White light isn’t only for protection. Imagine the white light originating from INSIDE your body, radiating outward. Your physical body is the middle of a white-light sun. This uplifts your energy from the inside out!


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