Grids for Better OBE Sex

Sometimes it is nice to have a little boost of energy when engaging in OBE or OBE sex. It helps to make the connection stronger, the dream deeper, and the travel easier. All of the below grids I have used! Use them – trial and error. If it’s too strong, remove stones. Too weak, add stones. Everyone’s energy is different and therefore, everyone will react different to the grid’s energy.

Most of the grids are designed to be placed under your bed. If you’re like me and have cats, place the grid inside of a box with a lid. This way the fur babies will not play soccer with your stones.

OBE Sex Grid with Rubies


3 Terminated Quartz Crystals (Q)

3 Rubies (can be rough) (R)

3 Carnelian (C)

Working from the outside in Quartz 1st, then Ruby, finally Carnelian), with the terminations pointed towards you:

—————————– (Q)


—————(C) ———————–

———————(R) ——YOU——(C)

—————(C) —————————–


————— (Q) ——————————- (Q)

The YOU can be just you or you and a partner. Each group of 3 stones creates a triangle, for 3 triangles total.

Construct this right before you are to try any of the OBE Sex (astral, dream or telepathic) methods. For some people it can be too much energy. Until you can see how it affects you – make sure you set an alarm for 10 min tops so that your energy body can reunite with your physical body and you can assess how strong this energy is. Some people it could make them very aggressive or have them see entities they are not ready to see – for some it could throw their sexual drive off the map.

69 OBE Sex Grid


Mugwort (yes, the herb)

6 Carnelian

9 Crystals (clear or white – not rose or smoky)

69 – yin/yang – male/female is a strong sexual number.

Around your place for OBE sex:

– Sprinkle a circle of Mugwort

– Next evenly space the 6 Carnelian outside of the Mugwort

– Finally evenly space the 9 Crystals outside the Carnelian.

Now YOU are in the middle. Have fun!

OBE and Physical Sex Grid


8 double terminated Crystals

4 pieces of Copper

1 Moldavite

Powdered Sugar

Cayenne Pepper

On a piece of cardboard or other sturdy, flat material:

  • Place 4 Crystals in the shape of a square
  • Put the 4 Copper in the open corners
  • Take the last 4 Crystals and put them next to the Copper facing into the center of the square.
  • Set the Moldavite in the center.
  • Sprinkle the grid with Powdered Sugar and Cayenne Pepper.

Move the grid under you bed, preferably in the center if you can reach.

The above grid will certainly improve your sex life. But if you find that you are having a difficult time sleeping, replace the Moldavite with Amethyst or Kyanite, and you’ll sleep. When you need the OBE boost put back the Moldavite.

Wearable Telepathic Sex Grid

Now this can be a bit tricky to pull off. But it is seriously doable because I did it!

  1. Take 1/8 cup of almond oil and add 9 drops of mugwort oil (or 1/4 tsp. of the herb).
  2. Put a tiny quartz crystal into the oil.
  3. Put a lid on the oil and set aside, in the dark, for 3 days.
  4. Place a dab of infused oil on each temple and right above your genitalia. The two dabs on your temples and the one above your genitalia form an energetic triangle.
  5. Wear a moldavite pendant. If you do not have moldavite – get some. If not possible, make it a Faden quartz or regular quartz crystal. Make sure the length of the chain has the pendant lay in between your breasts or chest muscles.

And BOOM. There you go! The stored oil is good for 3 months. Each time you go out and you think you may need a boost, put some on!

OBE Sex Grid & Elixir


  • 3 terminated quartz crystals
  • 1 small & 1 medium ceramic or glass bowls
  • 1 red jasper
  • Spring water
  • 1Faden quartz
  • Mugwort – dried herb or essential oil
  • Optional: container with lid, plastic wrap


  1. Fill the medium bowl 1/2 way with spring water.
  2. Place the red jasper & Faden quartz in the small bowl.
  3. Sprinkle a couple of pinches of the herb Mugwort or 3 drops of the oil on top the stones.
  4. Place the small bowl inside of the medium bowl.
  5. *If you want to use the water as an elixir, cover the bowls with plastic wrap.
  6. Put the bowl/s in the center of your OBE space. If you can arrange it so that the moon and sun could shine on the bowl/s – double bonus.
  7. Arrange the 3 terminated crystals around you/bowl, terminated points facing bowl/you. I like to think of the formation of the crystals as a triangle. Distance between you/bowls and crystals do not matter, as long as they occupy the same space/room.

Important: Doesn’t matter where you set this up. Or how big or small it is. What is important is that you and the bowl/s are both in the center.

  • You can keep the grid up for as long as you want to. When you are ready to engage in OBE sex, sit or lie down next to/on top of the bowl/s.
  • If you want to super charge it & use as an elixir, place the bowl/s in the moonlight/sunlight for 3 days. If the moon and sun can get to where the bowl/s is in the grid, leave it where it is. No need to move it.
  • If using as an elixir, do not leave the water in the bowls longer than 3 days. Pour infused water into container and place in fridge.
  • You can keep making more infused water using the same stones, crystals, and bowls. Just change out the Mugwort each time.

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