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Is sex important? Sure it is! Not only is it important to a keep relationship alive and well, but also to beat away the blues and boost immunity. According to WebMD (, having an active sex life can lead to:

  1. Less stress, anxiety, and depression.
  2. Lower blood pressure.
  3. A stronger immune system.
  4. Improves heart health.
  5. Lifts self-esteem.
  6. Creates a deeper bond of intimacy.
  7. Lowers pain.
  8. Leads to peaceful sleep.
  9. More ejaculations = less chance of prostate cancer.
  10. Stronger pelvic floor muscles.
  11. Encourages weight loss by burning calories.

All of the above sounds great, doesn’t it? But life is busy, over scheduled, and stressful. Always being on the “go” makes having the time for sex at the bottom of our to-do list. Unfortunately, as leading sexpert Dr. Pepper Swartz talks about in her Whispers Media podcast,”How To Be A Good Lover“, if you don’t use your sex drive you might as well give it a bus ticket and pack it a lunch – because it’s heading out the door. The sex drive is like any other important muscle or brain function. The more you use it, the more in tune and honed it is. You stop using it and it gets flabby and out of shape. When was the last time you saw a “couch potato” with a killer body? Probably never. Same applies to the sex drive. When you take time away from sex because of other commitments, a bad relationship, or exhaustion, the sex drive becomes flabby and lifeless.

But letting your sex drive get flabby isn’t always a conscious decision at first. Some of the reasons your sex drive starts to wane include:

  1. Depression/anxiety and their medications
  2. Heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and their medications
  3. Over-the-counter cold/allergy medications
  4. Hormonal imbalance
  5. Trouble in the relationship – anger at your partner
  6. Smoking/alcohol/illegal drugs
  7. You’re currently single

And the list goes on.

There are many things you can do about the list above like dating, talking to your doctor, or inviting a third party in to talk to you and your partner. However, there are times when there isn’t anyone that grabs your interest, the doctor cannot lower or change your medications and your partner will not seek couples therapy. So what can you do to counteract your low sex drive? Use your energy field!

Think about the last time your sex drive was in the basement. How did the rest of your life pan out? Did you notice that the other areas of your life fell apart? Like you were hitting a brick wall no matter what you tried? If you look at Mike Dooley’s “Leveraging the Universe” or Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret“, your personal energy is crucial to how your life unfolds. Granted, both books talk about turning thoughts into energy (which is very true), but personal energy is personal energy no matter what. Sexual energy and orgasmic release strengthen and increase a person’s energy field. No sex and your energy body is depleted of its strength, thereby allowing negativity to eat away at the physical body, brain, and emotions. By working with your energy field and putting sex back on your “to-do” list, your energy increases, your stress decreases, and all else seems to fall into place.

Out of Body Ecstasy or OBE sex is using your energy field to engage in sexual relations from touching to sexual intercourse to strengthen your energy field, add passion to your relationships, and help you find a new love or BFF with benefits. Out of Body Ecstasy is a method of energy enhancement that can be done anywhere, anytime, with no special equipment needed.


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