“Hector and Lorraine”

Hector found himself in an unfamiliar multi-floor house. Everything around him was white; walls, furniture, floor, etc…With the area void of sound, Hector could hear his heart pounding so hard he thought it for sure was to jump from his chest. Hesitant, he investigated the first and second floors, finding no one. On the third floor he heard music. Slowly following the crisp sounds of a guitar, he turned the corner and found himself looking at his wife, Lorraine, taking a bath in a claw-foot tub.

“Join me,” Lorraine asked.

The next thing Hector remembered he was naked in the tub with his wife. Kissing her all over while she methodically cleaned his penis with soap and water. The two moved in rhythm working their way to marital bliss when a beeping noise went off in the background. Hector knew it was the alarm clock, but if he could just stay in the dream just a few seconds longer…

No such luck. He woke up, turned off the alarm. When he wakes up, he usually has a hard-on. But this morning, his hard-on was accompanied by an intense sexual desire. He looked over at his sleeping wife – the dream was so vivid. He could remember the feel of her skin, her touch, the temperature of the water, their intense lovemaking. He gently touched her face.

“We were having the most amazing bath,” Lorraine purred.

Hector’s mind raced. Did they have the same dream? How is that possible? He knew that if he said anything to his wife that the mood was shot as she’d want to talk about it. He did the only thing he could do at the moment, make love to his wife.

Hector and Lorraine compared dreams later that day. It was the same dream, but from two separate angles. Her dream started in the bathtub, he in the living room. After they found me and I taught them how to control their dreams, their sexy dreams happen often with their relationship reaping the benefits.


Sarah found herself in the middle of the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century. She was helping a man put away paints. She was in an artist’s studio and she assumed she was an assistant.

The next thing Sarah remembers was that she was rolling around naked on the floor with the artist, both of them rolling in paint and laughing their butts off. His hot kisses traveled from the tip of her nose, down her neck, teased her nipples, nipped at her stomach, and nestled in-between her legs. His tongue alternated between flicking her clit and probing her wetness. He was driving her crazy! All she wanted to do was scream in delight, but instead she woke up.

She couldn’t believe she woke up. Looking at the clock it was only 2:21 am. Alone in bed, she knew she was too horny to fall back to sleep. After masturbating for a matter of minutes to achieve orgasm, she rolled over to think about that dream.

Who was he? Why could she still feel his kiss on her body? Remember the taste of his mouth? It seemed so real and vivid. She finally fell back to sleep about 3:30 am.

The dream bothered her for months. She told a few of her friends that it felt real and they thought she was nuts. That’s when she find me. Upon reading the blog – she discovered that she wasn’t the only one this has happened to. She was relieved that she wasn’t crazy.

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