How do you like the book cover? I’m digging on it! The release of the “Out of Body Ecstasy” book is inching closer. I’m psyched!! We’re in the chapter everyone loves: astral sex! This section is on astral projection and astral travel!

Has This Ever Happened To You?

“Greg and Ellen”

Greg and Ellen meet often in the astral realms. They have been married for 5 years and love to add twists and turns to their relationship. It helps keep things hot and passionate.

When they met up at a posh house of prostitution in another dimension, Greg wanted to be a female and Ellen a male. Greg thought about growing breasts and a vagina. Once his thoughts centered on looking feminine, he looked the part. Ellen grew a penis.

In the midst of an astral orgy at the brothel, Ellen entered Greg from behind. Greg said he felt a surge of energy go up the middle of his body. It was like he plugged his vagina into an electrical outlet. Ellen felt an enormous boost of energy every time she thrust into Greg. Each time their energies merged, the energy in them and around them got stronger. Both commented that colors swirled all around them, like they were on an acid trip.

Greg spun around on Ellen’s penis so that Greg now faced Ellen. The two merged and pulled apart in rhythm. The energy built with each moment that passed. The rest of the orgy members were nothing but a blur. Just when they thought they were going to reach orgasm, Greg disappeared. Ellen thought of her body and returned.

When she arrived, Greg was sitting up in bed. She asked what happened. He replied that he didn’t know. With enough sexual energy to fuel a brothel, the two continued physically where they left off astrally. Except this time, they were both able to achieve an orgasmic conclusion.



James had been studying astral travel for about a year. He had many successful trips and just as many unsuccessful attempts. He found that if he awoke in the middle of the night, that this was when he was at optimal traveling energy. One night James woke up from his dream state. He looked at the clock, “3:35,” it read. Half asleep, he thought back to the dream where he was with his deceased wife. He was getting tired of sharing his bed with his snoring dog. He hadn’t tried to find someone when he took his astral trips. Maybe he should give it a try.

He decided he wanted someone laid back and passive like his deceased wife. She was a patient person who was open to life and all it had to offer. He had hoped he could find an astral lover with green eyes and brown hair, also like his deceased wife. He didn’t want a clone. Just someone close.

After astral separation, he thought of his wife. He couldn’t help it, she had been on his mind. Next thing he knew he was underneath a waterfall. It reminded him of the waterfall from his honeymoon in Brazil. He looked around, enthralled with the beauty of it all. Off to his left his deceased wife glided in. He felt elated when he saw her. As he approached her, she shook her head no. She looked over to her left and faded away.

Heartbroken, he turned in the direction she looked. What he saw made his head spin. In front of him was a petite woman with green eyes and brown hair. Before his eyes she dissolved into a shimmering grayish-green energy mass. The green loved through the gray until they formed green eyes up to the top of what he supposed was the head.

She held out her “hand,” which he hesitantly grabbed. As soon as they touched he thought for sure his hand, then his arm was on fire. He quickly took his hand back. She communicated with him telepathically not to be afraid. He thought he should “man up.” So he did. He held out his hand. What happened next was a whirlwind of events.

The woman grabbed his hand and as soon as she touched him, they were away to a land with moving metal plates and silver goo running between the plates. The area was void of sound. Completely. He went to open his mouth, and then realized he had no mouth. He was pure energy like his companion. She scooped some of the silver goo and motioned that she wanted to put it on him. He thought, “hell no.” But he remembered that his wife brought him to her. He needed to trust.

He stepped towards her. In the blink of an eye she was in front of him; her energy inside his energy. The silver substance moved through his energy field that felt like Pop Rocks. With every micro-burst of energy he felt sexual excitement build. If he had a breath to catch, he wouldn’t have been able to catch it. She pressed lips he couldn’t see against his lips that he didn’t know he had. The deeper the energy connection, the more his energy grew. The more his energy grew, the more intense the silvery goo’s Pop Rocks feeling intensified.

She merged more of her energy. The energy was getting too great, too intense. Without thinking, he merged more of his energy with her. They were now halfway merged with one another. It took approximately 1/2 second before his energy body imploded, sending him slamming back into his physical body.

When his astral body merged with his physical body, he felt the bed groan under the weight. Opening his eyes, he had the mother of all erections. It took him only a few well-oiled stokes to orgasm. Exhausted, he fell right to sleep. The next day he searched about astral sex and found – yep – yours truly. Once I explained to him what happened (it was his first astral sex experience) and how yes, it was his deceased wife…James has had endless fun and exploration (not to mention sex) in the astral realms.

Astral Travel

As humans, we have a countless desire for freedom. In the astral realms, it is all about freedom. You are able to travel anywhere, be anyone, and see anything at any time. The universe and its multidimensional existence is a non-stop sea of exploration. All you need to do to explore is learn how to astral travel.

What Is Astral Travel?

Astral projection occurs when your astral energy body separates, or projects, from your physical body. The astral projection turns into astral travel as the astral body travels the astral layers. The astral body does not have limits like the physical body. When the astral body gets to roam, it can roam anywhere it deems necessary. To the moon, another solar system, the past, a visit to the present realty, a future glimpse, the layers of the heavens or the layers of hell.


While the astral body is traveling, it can assume any shape, size, race, or gender it chooses. It can look like the physical body, ET or Morris the cat. Communications are simplified and carried out telepathically. The art of travel is just as simple – think of where you want to go and you are there in an instant.


What Happens During An Astral Projection?

During an astral projection, the astral body separates form the physical body while consciousness shifts from your physical body into your astral body. The shift of consciousness happens so that you are able to remember your experiences. Without that shift in consciousness, your experiences would be lost to your conscious mind and could only be retrievable with deep meditation or hypnosis.

When astral projection occurs, a silver cord anchors your astral body to your physical body. So no matter where you travel or who you see, there is no danger of being separated from your physical body and never being able to return.

To end the astral projection and travel, all one has to do is think about the physical body and you immediately return.

Stages of an Astral Projection

  1. Vibrational Stage – In this first stage, energy vibrations flood the body. Many people hear buzzing, humming, and sometimes even a roaring sound in their ears. Occasionally, a person will lose the ability to move or the body feels numb. The intensity of the vibrations and sounds can be all over the map – from low and calm to intense and frightening. It is during this vibrational stage that the consciousness shifts from the physical body to the astral body. The vibration and sounds are our conscious recognition of the high frequency astral energy body as it separates from the lower frequency of the physical body.
  2. Separation Stage – When the astral energy body separates, there is usually a general feeling of lifting, floating, or rolling out of the physical body. After the separation is complete, the vibrations and sounds cease.
  3. Exploration Stage – Now that the astral body is a separate, yet connected, entity it is time to explore the environment. The astral energy body is a high-frequency version of the physical body. It does not have to look like the physical body, but most people prefer to keep it that way. Because of the high-frequency construction, the astral body is thought response. The astral body can “think” its way to run, walk, float, or fly anywhere in the universe. To allow time for exploration, focus needs kept within the astral body and the current environment. It is good to note that when the astral body separates – the current astral layer world will be an exact replica of the physical world. Therefore, if it is raining out – it is raining and dark in the physical world. Daylight and sunny is the physical world translates to the same sunlight in the astral world.


  1. Reentry Stage – The rejoining of the astral body with the physical body happens automatically by simply thinking of the physical body. Sometimes during reentry, a person will experience temporary vibrations, numbness, and the inability to move. The sensations fade quickly as the bodies reunite.

Basic Astral Separation Methods

To separate using any of these methods, you will have to imagine that an exact double of you (right down to your underwear if you have any on) separate from your body. There will be an energy you that is the exact double of the physical you.

You will probably have to experiment to discover which method works best. All the methods take place after you recognize that the vibrational state (as discussed in the last part) is in full swing.

  1. Floating Out: Focus in on the sensation of floating and allow your astral body to drift up and away from your physical body.
  2. Sit Up: Focus in on your astral body sitting up and moving out of your physical body.
  3. Rolling Out: Out of all the separation methods, this one is the most successfully used. Simply have your astral body do a sideways roll out of your physical body.
  4. Pull Yourself Out: Focus on your astral energy body’s arm extending out and your astral hand grabbing onto some sort of a large object – keeping in mind that the astral body is not limited by distance. Your astral arm could very easily reach across the room to your dresser. Once your astral arm/hand makes contact with the object, pull your astral body from your physical body.
  5. Climbing Out: Imagine that there is a large and heavy rope (the kind you would have climbed in gym class) hanging down from the ceiling. With your astral energy hands, grab onto that rope and climb upwards – this pulls your astral body from your physical body.
  6. Top of The Head: Focus in on your astral body separating from your physical body via the top of your head. Remember “I Dream of Jeanie” and the way the steam would come out of the bottle before Jeanie did? That is how your astral energy body will look like as it is coming out of your physical body from the top of your head.
  7. Divine Aid: Reach out your astral hand and request aid form a guide, angel, or a deceased loved one. They will respond by grabbing your astral hand and pulling your astral body from your physical body.

Travel Techniques for Astral Projection

Use the techniques described in previous lesson to get you to this point.

  1. Separate your astral energy body from your physical body by using one of the Separation Methods above.
  2. As soon as your astral body is out – things will look fuzzy, out of focus. To clear this up command in a firm tone: “Clarity Now!” Things will clear up around you immediately.
  3. Do not look back at your physical body – if you do, you will pop right back in it.
  4. Think about where you want to go and/or whom you want to see. Your thoughts will take you immediately where you want to be.
  5. When you are done with your travels – simply think about your physical body and you will return to it promptly.
  6. Write down your experiences immediately in your journal/notebook.

When you astral travel, you will encounter energy from all forms of life. Some will be human, some animals, while others have no shape at all or appear to look alien in appearance. There are also varieties of forms of energy. You will encounter positive and negative vibrations. If something does not feel right, then think of another place to go or your physical body.

Astral Travel/Projection Resources

There is so much more to learn about astral travel/projection then I can put in this book. I highly suggest you check out the resources below.

Robert Bruce:

William Buhlman:


But Don’t Take My Word for It

  1. Do the energy exercises from the section on increasing your energy fields, before you try to astral travel. The exercises will raise your vibrations making it easier to take off and land.
  2. Practice several, if not all, of the separation techniques to see which one works best for you.
  3. Try to astral travel from astral projection to reentry. Remember that once you separate, yell “Clarity Now.” Next, think of a place you would like to visit. It can be Aunt Sue’s house, when Lincoln was assassinated, or to visit a deceased friend or relative. When you are done, do what Dorothy did in the “Wizard of Oz” – ‘There is no place like home.’ Instead of clicking your heels together, think of your body.
  4. Make note of your impressions in your journal.

This takes time to master. Do not give up after the first few attempts. It is well worth it to push forward.


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