Still working on the book! These parts are still in the “Introduction” section. Although I talk about OBE a lot, not everyone knows what it is! Would love to hear your $.02 on it – is it confusing? Ok? Should I expand on it? Trash it? Etc…


What is an Out of Body Experience?

Out of body experiences are short-term episodes where the conscious mind, via the energy body, separates from the physical body enabling a person to engage in and observe the world from outside their physical perspective. An out of body experience is just as vivid and real as a physical experience.

The energy body represents a key component in an out of body experience, as not only is it the vehicle of exploration and sexual stimulation, but it is also the consciousness in charge of regeneration and repair of our body and energy anatomy. The energy body interfaces between the conscious and the unconscious mind with seven distinctive energy fields making up the entire energy body.

There are three different methods to launch an out of body experience:

Telepathy – Have you ever “heard” the thoughts of another? Alternatively, had a non-verbal talk with a spouse or best friend? Telepathy is the energetic transfer of touch, ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and sound. A telepathic connection is a bond with the mental energy body that connects two or more minds into the same energetic wavelength to utilize telepathy.

Dream – When was the last time you woke up from a dream and reminded vivid details? With dream travel/visits, you are asleep with your astral energy body separating from your physical body and taking off into the dreamscape. When the dream recall is so vivid that it appeared real, you shared a visit with another person while he or she was sleeping.

Astral – Did you ever have an experience where it felt like you “fell” onto your bed? That was your energy body returning from astral travel. Astral travel occurs when your astral energy body separates from your physical body. This separation is Astral Projection. With astral travel, as with dreaming, there is no limit to what you can do, become, or travel to.

When you interact with another energy, via one of the three methods, you are also exchanging energy. Some of your energy transfers to them as some of their energy transfers to you. Be careful whom you choose to connect. If you connect to a less than scrupulous person, his or her energy will become a part of who you are until you do an energy cleansing.

What is Out of Body Ecstasy

Out of Body Ecstasy sex is a form of energy enhancement, sexual play and sexually satisfaction that involves the use of your mind, your energy fields and your senses. No physical parts merge, touch or copulate in any manner during an OBE sex experience.

Your mind with the astral energy field can make a telepathic connection to another human (telepathic sex), your astral energy body separates from your physical body during REM (dream sex) or your astral energy body can separate from your physical body while you are awake and conscious (astral sex).

Whether or not you are in a relationship or if you are single, OBE can enhance your physical sex life by providing your senses with the stimuli needed to cause arousal and even orgasmic release.

During OBE your physical body can feel the touch of your sexual partner, can smell their scent, hear their voice, and taste their body. How can this help to enhance your sex life? It’s a known fact that healthy sex lives translates into a healthier, happier physical existence as it works to lower blood pressure, lose weight and is a good workout for your heart — not to mention that it energizes your energy fields.

OBE turns you on and tunes you into your sexuality. Upon waking from your vivid dream, returning from an astral visit or coming out of your day dream, if you have a partner they can enjoy the benefits of your exploration. If you do not have a partner, you will benefit from exploring your own body. If you did not have an orgasm during the OBE, your physical body will be so turned on that you will have to DO SOMETHING to experience a sexual release.

It is important to note here that when you are engaged in OBE sex that “sex” does not have to occur. You can merge your energy fields and simply enjoy one another by desiring, loving and energizing. It’s your energy and you can do whatever you wish to do with it. No two people experience something the same way and this includes OBE sex.

Is OBE Sex Considered Cheating?

I get this question a lot from people in loveless or sexless relationships. If he or she strays outside the relationship with OBE sex, would it be considered cheating? Cheating is all in the eyes of the partner. OBE sex involves pure energy and no physical parts merge. Each person views what is cheating differently. To some it is sharing personal information, to others it is a kiss, and still others sexual intercourse or oral sex. If you are in a sexless relationship, OBE sex can help spice up your physical sex life with your partner as the intensity of the OBE encounters will turn your body on so much that you will want to find release with your physical partner. In a healthy relationship, OBE sex isn’t replacement sex – it is additive sex (meaning it ADDS to a relationship). In a loveless relationship OBE sex can help reignite forgotten feelings towards one another.

OBE sex is different from online and phone sex because with online/phone sex people usually do it so that they do not have to have sex with their partner. Two people on two separate ends of a computer/phone are getting each off so that they each can achieve a physical orgasm.

Each person who was engaged in the computer/phone sex then does not wish to have sex with their partner. This is only meant as my point of view. Each individual must come to their own conclusion.


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