She was awake, or asleep or somewhere in between. David kissed her firmly on the mouth. Sasha didn’t know if she were dreaming or astral traveling or fantasizing she didn’t care. David kissed her again. During this time, she realized she was having insomnia again. “Dammit” she thought, “let me go back to where…” her thoughts trailed off as she felt David’s kiss on her junction.

Sasha let David know she was either awake, or half-awake, and she needed to get back to sleep to join him. David showed he had other plans. She felt his kiss, hot and longing and had to reply in kind. David’s mouth captured hers, as if to say, whether you can sleep or not, you won’t care. Sasha writhed in bed. She could not believe how real it felt, how much she needed David’s touch.

Sasha felt David’s hand on her breast. He was bringing her rosebud to taut straining. She not only felt the heat of his touch, but her center was on fire. She was hot and wet and needing more. David’s energy spread from her breast alone to her breast and her mouth. She felt his kiss and his touch. It was when his energy was on her mouth, breast, and center she was aware fully, that energy sex was not only possible and happening, but oh so amazing to experience.

Sasha continued to move to the sensations produced by David’s touch. He was not in the same room, but it felt like he was His lips traveled up and down her body. He went from earlobe, to mouth, to breast, to center, to wet, needing opening. She felt him all over, and it was divine. In that moment, Sasha stopped trying to send energy back, she laid there and allowed the feeling of him taking her fully to saturate her senses. The feeling of him permeating her opening with his desire was palpable.

She moved in passion with his energy, and began to build to climax. She didn’t fully understand how he could be there in energy when he was asleep and she awake, but at that moment, she didn’t care. Sasha took his offering fully, and came hard at the multiple pleasure spots being satisfied.

Sasha then willed herself to travel to him. She wanted to repay the favor. She realized he was asleep but sent him energy as well. She visualized climbing into his bed and taking him fully into her mouth. She worked his length and suckled him as she sensed that his physical body reacted. She worked up and down his shaft. Sasha sucked, kissed, and licked him to the point of his release.

Sasha by now was half-asleep when she received his telepathic thanks. Sasha sent her thanks back, and drifted back to sleep, hoping they could continue their escapades on the astral plane.

Sasha then did drift to a somewhat sleep. She found herself in a room filled with soft bedding and silks. The room was a light blue, and the bedding was cream with matching blue flowers on it. She felt the need to lay on the bedding. It was then she was aware that she was in a silky nightgown, her breasts teased by the feel of the fabric. Her nipples were hard. She wondered if David would soon be there.

As if he knew, David appeared. He had on only pajama bottoms. He quickly joined her on the bed and kissed her hard. It was clear David was aroused from before, and wanted to continue. In between kisses, Sasha tried to explain her insomnia as if to say that she may not stay where she had been. David stopped her and kissed her again.

“You will sleep, and we will continue”, David said firmly, the fire in his eye unmistakable. Sasha wanted nothing more than him to possess her body, mind, and soul. When they connected, it was as if centuries of lives together were building to climax and releasing. She was patently aware of this divine feeling with in as though her sexual connection to David was not just physical but spiritual. He quickly removed her nightgown as well as his pajama bottoms. They needed the contact of body to body, without even a thin fabric between.

David kissed and caressed each part of her body, from head, to breast, to her fiery core. He pleased each area, some to the brink of climax, but just as Sasha was to be sated, he would move to the next area. Sasha then pulled away and did the same to David. She teased, caressed, and pleased him with her breasts, hands, and her wetness. David was beyond words. Soon he could wait no more for their union.

David pulled Sasha on top of him, and rolled over so he was on top. Sasha willingly and eagerly parted her legs for him to enter her. David did so in a smooth motion that lit Sasha from within. As they formed their astral union, each felt united in spirit. Sasha crying out David’s name as he cried out hers. It was as though they were one entity seeking release.

They moved in harmony, slowly, faster, harder, and then gentle again, as this sense of love union overtook them. David and Sasha soon each built to their climax. Sasha was first, and as her pleasure rode out in waves, she saw so many colors. She implored David not to stop until he too was sated. David released, and like Sasha, felt this incredible union, and saw each of the colors, in an explosion of pleasure and spirit.

They cradled each other tenderly as their physical bodies throbbed in reaction to this union. Sasha woke up the next morning still feeling the effects of her dream visit and travel with David. All she could think was “oh what a night”.

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