Flower essences are essentially the essence of the flower – using the petals and/or leaves of the plant. They work with a person’s energy field and not the physical body. They heal and strengthen all levels of the energy body. Which energy field within the energy body depends on the flower essence taken. Once the energy is healed or strengthened, the corresponding part of the body, mind, or soul is also affected.

Taking the right flower essence/s can help you magnetize your energy field to use your thoughts to attract what you desire.

  • Blackberry – puts ideas into action
  • Sunflower – removes any self-imposed blockages
  • Cayenne – ignites the will bringing “fire” to any slow-moving situations
  • Larch – infuses with self-confidence
  • Iris – bring thoughts from higher realms into creative expression
  • Hornbeam – kicks procrastination to the curb

Pick one to three of the above essences. Place three drops of each choice in a small glass of water. Drink it all. Do this 2x to 4x a day. After each time you take the essences, train your thoughts to look at what it is you desire in your life. The boast to your energy field with the essences in conjunction with the positive thoughts = desire magnetism.

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