Luck is something everyone needs from time to time. Some say luck is nothing more than preparedness meeting opportunity. While I cannot discount that, I also feel that the Universe can sprinkle down some extra luck to those who ask for it.

In Feng Shui the south part of your home, office, or any room stands for luck that brings recognition, fame, and a good name. This section also bring promotions and upward mobility in careers. So what does all this have to do with love? Read on.

The south sector belongs to the fire element, so anything symbolizing Fire, such as the color red, bright lights, and candles, placed here are beneficial. The south is also an excellent location for two powerful symbols that bring victory, success, and opportunities: the horse and the phoenix.

Symbols for luck in the south:

  • Tribute horse – brings an elevation in society.
  • Victory horse – luck and the ability to beat the competition (both in career and love).
  • Celebration horse – luck of great success in all you do.
  • Pair of phoenixes – attract amazing opportunities into your life.
  • Single phoenix – supreme recognition luck.
  • Lovebirds – (such as parrots) bring in excellent romantic relationships.
  • Owls – bring wisdom.
  • Roosters – overcome negative chi (energy).
  • Pair of Mandarin ducks or swans – bring love and romance.
  • Cranes – longevity and good health.

Note: Keep the color yellow or too many earth element decorations (crystals & rocks) in the south because Earth exhausts Fire.

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