There are times in life when you either want to attract a new love into your life or strengthen the one you have. A little red wine and a nutmeg can help with both!

Here’s a simple spell that can help with your love life.

1. Carry a whole nutmeg in your armpit or underwear for 48 hrs.

2. Grind up the nutmeg, and add it to a bottle of red wine.

3. If wanting to strengthen love, also place in the wine either some of his or her fluids (saliva, semen, urine, vaginal discharge, menstrual blood) or hair (fluids are better though).

4. Serve the wine to your heart’s desire. It’s helpful if you both drink the bottle of wine in one sitting.

A person’s bodily fluids are highly charged for magic. For a man, his semen. For a woman, menstrual blood.


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