For the last week I’ve had the most incredible dreams. In them it is predominately Ian, with Owen being in a few. Each dream visit was full of happiness and love. I do not remember every facet of these dreams – except that when I awake I am full of love and Ian is the first on my mind with Owen a quick 2nd. One dream with Owen we were outside in the sunshine, sitting at an umbrellaed table drinking beer. It was very laid back and he was very funny. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Ian’s dream visits were a bit more serious. In one I can remember staring at his face – he wanted or needed to walk away for something and I asked him to wait until I could memorize every bit of his face. I wanted it burned into my mind so that I wouldn’t forget. As a turned around to walk away he said, “I will always find you.” I quipped back, “Charming wants his line back” (I was referring that what he said is a line from Once Upon a Time said by Prince Charming). Ian chuckled. I turned to go and he grabbed my arm. He looked my dead in the eyes and said, “Seriously — I will find you — I always do.” and with that I woke up.

But the most incredible of them all did not have Ian or Owen in them. It was a man who looked like a much older and bigger (as in 6’4″) version of the actor Sean Astin. This man – I think his name is Bob or Robert, but he goes by Bob. He’s older than me by about 10 years, has something to do with politics on the east coast and is financially very stable. His wife died of cancer and he has something to do with the Chrysler Building in NYC.

Now what was so amazing was not the love that was shared. But how we traveled from lifetime to lifetime. See we would slip into a portal. The space beyond the portal was a thick purple-like substance with navy blue and stars weaved in — along with steaks of light. We would slip through this substance and come out in another lifetime. In each lifetime we looked different (the name Bob and all the above info is from this current lifetime) but we always found one another.

When I would step into the purple goo – I would panic at first. Then I would remember – oh, I can breathe in this. And the anxiety would go away. Each lifetime were dimensions and all the lifetimes were going on at once. So there was no past life or future life. It was all NOW.

One lifetime that I dropped into, there was a man sitting at a table. His name was Dan. I walked up to him and gave him a kiss. He was “Bob’s” best friend in this life. Right behind Dan was Bob (although not Bob as in this lifetime – I don’t know his name here). I gave Bob a big smooch. By us three were some really hot women. They kept looking at me oddly and I thought to myself – in this life I must not be attractive enough for other people to think we should be together. So I flashed them a really cheesy smile 🙂

Another lifetime we dropped in and it was 6:30 am there. We were psyched because our favorite coffee shop was open. This was in a big city like NYC or Chicago. Then I woke up.

What was cool – besides the above obvious – is that there was such an overwhelming feeling of love, affection and belonging. Bob keeps showing up in my dreams – but I have yet to actually know know what he looks like or anything else about him. I feel he is more advanced than I am with all of this and he is hiding most of his identity on purpose. Maybe cause I’d freak out (shrug — don’t know) if I actually knew who he was.

The whole experience of shifting dimensions/lifetimes was so cool I wanted to share. It’s left a lasting impression on me 🙂


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