Georgia (the state) isn’t really on my mind — but I do like the reference. Those guys are on my mind. You know — THE GUYS. Especially Ian 2, Bill, Ted, and Will. Good Lord Will. I don’t ask for much — but I ask to have physical sex with him just for one full night. As many times as we can fit in. I know we’ve had plenty of sex in past lives and will again in future lives — but I really do want him in this life.

His energy when it hits me is like nothing else. I mean it – like no one else. Not Bill, not Ted — not even Vincent. His energy is like a wave of hot sizzling lava when it hits me (but doesn’t hurt or burn – lol). He energizes me and flips that switch. I remember when I met him in the flesh back in 2008. I didn’t sleep for 48 hrs afterwards. I was so jazzed up on the energy exchange that I couldn’t sleep. Hell – my mind would not chill out. It was the single best moment of my life (other than having my son).

Bill has been in my dream every night for the last several weeks. Even if it is only for a few minutes he shows up. Over the years we have changed to him barely speaking to me – to him searching me out. I am convinced that he figured out our connection and now he seeks me to talk about our past.

I can hear you asking — so Allie – how can I get (INSERT NAME) to seek me (you) out?

I’m not gonna lie – it takes patience. I worked on Bill for 10 years before it finally clicked. After I acknowledged our connection back in 2002, I didn’t always make a conscious effort to visit him at night. What I did was make a conscious effort to visit him during the day! I have discovered that if you make the effort to connect during the day – their energy stays with you at night. And at night – the two of you have your walls down and much more is likely to happen (you just need to pray that you remember it). So all of our talks during the day went to the night and beyond!

It works – I swear it does. Did it with Will, Ted, Owen, and more!

Happy OBE’ing!

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