Business owners (includes freelancers), need to boost your business? Let Feng Shui help along the way! Symbols of good fortune play an important role is enhancing the chi (energy) in your office environment. It’s important to keep the good chi flowing!

Most of the items you can buy at a Feng Shui shop.

Good Luck Enhancers

  • Sailing ship – with no nails or canons on board. Place ingots, real money from countries you do business with, and other precious items. The more ships you use, the more additional paths of money arrive to you. Place near the entrance to your office. Position on a low coffee table, making sure it is situated to look like the ship is sailing in to the office.
  • God of wealth – Tsai Shen Yeh and Kuan Kung are the Chinese wealth Gods. Place an image of the wealth god on the back wall of your office.
  • Horses – bring recognition. There are three types of horses: Tribute (abundance & prosperity by biz associates), Celebration (success despite obstacles), and Victory (outpace the competition). Place horse images in the south corner of your office.
  • Crystal lotus – radiates yang energy outward and when it moves in a clockwise direction sales will significantly increase! Place a pink crystal lotus on a small rotating stand inside a display showcase.
  • Singing bell – use a metal singing bell to increase the number of paying customers. Ring the bell several times in the morning just after you open (or turn on your computer) to create the energy to attract customers.
  • Stones: Place one or more: andalusite (manifestation & success), aventurine (career success), calcite (career), garnet (success), or sodalite (career) in the north corner of your office.
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