Serena still remembered the first night, when Hugo changed before her very eyes. She still got a tingle from her intelligent, quiet man turning into the assertive lover. He was beyond attentive to her needs. Their times together left them both very happy and sated. But when he suggested doggy style, she was happily surprised. Then to have him spank her and grunt how nice her behind was, turned her on immensely.

Serena could not stand the latest craze for poorly written erotica that suggested abusive relationships disguised as BDSM. She herself could not imagine being in an S&M relationship, but she knew well there were healthy couples that engaged in play outside of the usual coloring lines. Hugo, her man was very seductive, gentle, romantic. He knew how to sate her every desire. His requests though were usually done apart from the act itself, and almost tentative. Serena was encouraging a healthy expression between them of their needs and desires.

Hugo had said he wanted to have her from behind as he had not really done that much. Serena had, but most guys went way overboard with it, as if they only knew how to behave from porn movies. So, Hugo had Serena more than ready. She was very wet and turned on. Hugo was very hard, and Serena was needing him inside of her. Hugo helped Serena on to her knees. Serena then bent forward so that she was on all fours. Hugo looked at her in the mirror in front of the bed and his desire jolted through him.

Serena was blonde with green eyes and a sun kissed tan. She was not one for the tanning bed, or the orange look. She was out in the sun just enough to have a glow. Hugo on the other hand was paler, with deep, dark brown eyes and medium brown hair.

Her pert breasts dangling as if they were waiting for his hands to grab them. He reached in front and grabbed one. His other hand guided himself into her. She was so damn wet, and she nudged back as if to encourage him to plunge in. He did and they both cried out. He began with a long, slow stroke and she moaned her appreciation. He kept his other hand occupied with her breast, feeling her hard nipple pressed into his hand.

Looking in the mirror again, he saw Serena lost in desire. She was clearly enjoying it. He put both hands on her hips to go faster. He was on fire, and she felt so, so good as he kept plunging into her wet opening at a fast pace. Hugo was always taking care of his woman, but tonight he was lost in his need to have her from behind. He can’t believe it took him so long to ask. Serena was amazing and clearly loving the moment. He saw her breasts swaying back and forth and it turned him on even more. Hugo had a good rhythm going, so he took one hand off of her hip and reached forward to grab a breast. He squeezed her nipple just a little as he knew that Serena like the occasional rough play with nipples. At that she blurted out her approval and asked him to give it to her hard. Hugo grunted and next thing he knew he playfully slapped her ass cheek and asked if she liked it like that. Had Serena not cried out so quickly, Hugo would have been frozen. He didn’t know where the primal need came from. All Hugo knew was that it was turning him on watching her behind move as he pumped in and out of her. Like rippling water, her firm behind moved as he went in and out.

Serena understood that he was simply lusty and wanted to see her behind jiggle even more. For the briefest moment, her skin pinked up, Hugo was turned on, but he realized that he let his desire take over. Just as he was wrestling with his conscious on his ass slap. She cried out, “Oh God baby, Oh Hugo, that is HOT”. He began bucking harder. She moaned again. Soon both were coming hard. Afterwards, as she curled against him, Hugo started to apologize for his slapping her behind. She stopped him.

“Babe, no, please. I could never imagine you hitting me, but in this act, it was beyond hot that you slapped my ass”. Hugo was taken a little aback.

“Serena, seriously, you don’t have to make it ok”, Hugo said softly. Truth be told, he enjoyed it. He also wouldn’t mind her doing the same. Hugo didn’t know how to tell her. “Serena, it beyond turned me on, not going to lie, but I really need you to tell me if that bothered you. If so, it cannot happen again”.

That’s when Serena’s intuitive side kicked in. “Babe, if I can smack you on the ass too, will that even the score”, she smiled as she asked this.

Hugo sucked in his breath, “shit, hon”. “You are reading my mind again. I have to say I’d like to know if you’d do that for me too”. Serena looked up at him and saw the mix of wonder, amazement, and desire.

“Hugo, you know as long as we talk first, I’m up for trying things. I think the thing that so turned me on is seeing a more assertive side of you. For you to just be in the moment and not so much in your head. I realize that has not always been something you could do, but you’re with me now. If you have a fantasy, let’s talk about it.”

“See, that’s the thing, I didn’t ask, I just kinda slapped your ass and was total porno man . I’m not sure how I feel.”

“True, Hugo, true.” Serena said slowly. With that she lifted up and began to push him so he’d be on his side. Hugo was even more worried that she was upset.

Serena knew she had to act quick to get Hugo back to realizing he was not wrong. That an occasional ass slap was rather hot. So, she gave him a nice firm slap on the ass. “There, you naughty man, I think we are even.”

Hugo let out a grunt. “Oh, you did not just. Shit. Oh yeah. Uhm, ok, I really yeah, did you.” Hugo was clearly beside himself and very turned on. He realized that Serena wanted to get his attention and to show him it was ok.

“So, you liked that huh”, Serena purred. She had to admit, seeing Hugo so turned on and flummoxed was fun.

“Yes. That was hot. and thank you, I think I was over thinking things again, and you brought me back to here.” With that, Hugo rolled back on to his back and pulled Serena back to him so they could kiss. Hugo started out gently but his kisses became passionate. Serena understood his kisses were saying what his blissed out brain couldn’t. She didn’t know what might be explored next with Hugo coming out of his shell, but she knew she was looking forward to it.


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