Stella had met Rene at the cafe. He was a French painter and taught art classes. Over time, she had got to know him. Rene learned of her trip to France, and wanted to teach Stella French. She had been fluent once upon a time, but lost much of it. So, three months before her trip, for three days a week, she would go to his studio and he would instruct her. Rene was impressed at how quickly French came back to Stella.

On the last class, he made her promise he could collect his payment. He wanted to paint her. Stella was shy about being painted, Rene was determined to get her to see herself as he did. He told her he would paint her before her trip, and then after. Rene found himself falling for her. Although he had painted nudes, his intent was only to paint a clothed Stella. However, that day, with her blue eyes blazing, he wondered if at some point she would allow a nude portrait as well.

He posed Stella near the window with the light pouring in. She was wearing the floral print blouse so loved on her, and soon, he snapped a picture. She laughed and asked what that was for. He said so that he could work on the painting while she was gone. Stella asked if he wouldn’t have other models. He said no, that his classes would take up his time, but besides, his goal was to paint her.

Rene then went to his refrigerator and got out fruits and cheese. He asked Stella if she liked red wine. She agreed. Rene opened a bottle. He poured them each a glass and sat hers down next to her. He put a plate of cheeses and fruit next to her and had one for himself. She asked what part of painting this was for.

Rene stated simply to relax her. Rene was aware she was nervous. Silently, he wondered if she was sad to see their time end. Stella turned to look at the tree outside the window and Rene asked her to stay there. Rene was absolutely smitten with his model and friend. He wanted for her to see her beauty. He grabbed a dry paint brush and walked to her.

“Cherie, do you not see yourself as I do”, he asked softly. With that he traced her face with his paint brush. “You see, I start the painting with the outline of the face. I then find the shoulders the next strongest part”, with that his brush gently went down her neck to her shoulders. He noticed how sensitive her neck was. He continued to swoop down each arm. “Oui, the arms next”, he said, and as he went down her side Stella twitched and giggled.

Rene smiled. She asked if she could turn her head. He agreed. She looked deep into his eyes. “Rene, you really do want to paint me, don’t you” she questioned.

“Bien sur” he nodded. “Stella, I have wanted to paint you from the first time I saw you in the cafe. I did not know how to ask you, without it sounding like I wanted to see you naked”, he paused. “You have seen my work, and yes, I do paint nudes, but for you, I wanted to paint all of you”, he stopped.

Stella took a sip of wine. “Your nudes are amazing, Rene. You capture the female form so well. I like that you can’t see their faces. You always find a way to cover them so that they know who they are, but no one else does”.

“Wow. You noticed. Yes, many of my models are quite shy, Stella, and I wish to be respectful”, Rene said. He walked over to get his wine glass.

“Have you thought of painting me”, Stella said half playfully, half serious.

“Oui. I have often wondered about the body beneath all those layers.” His paint brush began to trace her face again, gently. This time his brush lingered at her throat. “To be honest, Stella, I more wanted to take you in my arms and enjoy you than paint you”, he paused. If he was right, Stella too wanted to be with him.

Stella started to take a gulp of wine. She stopped herself. “Yes, I have wondered about that as well”, she said with a soft blush spreading from her face to her neck. She popped a grape in her mouth to not have to say more.

Rene leaned in, “Perhaps I could give you a going away, and should you not be swept off your feet in my home country, I could give you a welcoming too”. Rene said with a flirtatious tone that was also quite sweet.

Stella looked in his eyes. They twinkled and danced with light. This man, this beautiful spirit was all but pleading with her. She could sense it. “You look right into my soul, Rene. It’s beautiful and scary. I think I want you to persuade me to want this going away and this homecoming you are offering”. Stella was always impressed with his command of English.

“Wait, if you are not sure, then we do nothing, cherie”, Rene said firmly.

“Rene, I..sorry. Yes, I do want this, but it has been so long, and I don’t even know how to tell you I want you to just seduce me. To say bon mots in my ear, as you charm and disrobe me”.

“Stella. I understand now. ah yes, you wish us to play the French seducer and the shy woman. You see, that is half right, but I am no seducer. For you, I shall do my best”, Rene said as he kissed her fully. He took her wine glass and motioned for her to pick up the cheese and fruit plate.

He gently lowered himself onto the platform with velvet on it. She realized he had a mattress on it as well. “So, do you bring girls here often”, Stella asked with a wink.

“Mmm, no. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but I have only wanted to bring someone who is worthy of the beauty of this fabric”. Rene leaned in to kiss Stella again as she was about to question if he was seducing or truthful. By his kiss, she realized it was indeed both.

Rene began to lower his hands to her shirt. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse. He wanted to see the bra underneath. To make things fair, he pulled his own shirt off. Rene pulled Stella close. She was almost on his lap. He placed a gentle kiss on each breast, and spoke French softly to her.

“Yes, these are even more delightful than I thought”. Rene had a fertile imagination but Stella’s breasts were even more lovely. His hand slowly cupped a breast and began to massage it as he kissed her neck. “Oh, sorry, I am afraid I am a bit fast, should I go back to kissing you” he said.

“Dear, my, no”, Stella shook her head. “Rene, you know just what I …”, her voice trailed off as he circled his tongue slowly on her neck in small circles. His hand began to knead more firmly, prompting a response from her rosy peak. He lowered his head to her breast and suckled it gently through the thin fabric.

“Yes, Stella, I see you are much less shy now”, he grinned. With that he motioned for her to stand up. Soon, her jeans were off. Stella felt a bit nervous again, and as Rene sensed that he quickly removed his pants. Stella’s eyes widened when she realized he was wearing no underwear. His member was already rather hard.

Rene sat back down and gently pulled Stella on his lap. “Mange plus”, he whispered, as he motioned to the cheese and fruits. Stella was enjoying more cheese as he lowered his head to her other breast. He reached around and unhooked her bra and made short work of removing it. Stella paused as he went to take her into his mouth.

As he suckled her other breast, and brought it’s rosy center to peak Rene looked up at her. “You are hungry, no. Please, do not stop eating…it is enjoyable yes, to have two needs taken care of at the same time”, he looked at her, again his brown eyes full of mischief.

“Rene, you are quite right. It is rather, I don’t know, well, erotic to have you at my breasts while I enjoy this amazing food”. Just then he motioned for wine. Stella soon realized his hands would remain on her breasts while she helped him take a drink. She took a drink as well. At this he grinned.

“Now you are getting it, we are a team. I feed you while I play, then my femme has energy for the love to come”, he said with a sly grin.

“Rene, if you have never seduced a woman before, how are you so damn good at it”, Stella asked bluntly. She was smiling, but she found it hard to believe.

“Stella, it is you. I have wanted to enjoy your body since we first met. Yet, I knew there was a shy woman who would have thought me a terrible man if I had asked to please her on our first meeting. But now, we know each other’s souls, we know each other and you can trust that I wish to have you and show you how I see you”, Rene lowered his head back down and continued to bring each peak to further heights.

Stella soon found she was unable to concentrate enough to continue eating. She remembered a question that she should have asked earlier. “Rene, do you have”, Stella paused.

“Ah, zut, not here”, Rene shook his head.

“Well um, you know how my friend is intuitive, well, she took care of that and made me promise to bring them here”, Stella said with a blush.

Rene quickly nodded his head, “ah this friend, I must thank her, but not like I am with you. Yes, go get them”. Rene helped Stella up and as he did, he quickly removed her panties.

Stella giggled. “Rene! Have you no shame”, she was quite thrilled at his brazen move. Stella realized she was very wet. She crouched down to get the condoms out of her purse when she realized Rene was staring at her, transfixed. It was also then that Stella realized the angle she was at gave Rene full view of her junction. Her legs were spread apart so she could maintain balance.

“Beautiful. Curls. Oh yes”, he said. Stella blushed and averted his eyes as she walked back. Rene pulled her down again so that she was next to him. His hand trailed down to the area he had just seen. “Now, why when this is so beautiful, do you blush when I look at it”, Rene asked as he began to slowly rub her center. His hands moved all over. Up, down, side to side, as if he were painting or discovering her by hand. Stella was shuddering at his sweet, slow touch.

Rene began to dip his hand to her junction. “Oh, yes, you like this”, he whispered into her ear. His hand dipped back down again and a finger slowly entered her. He then joined it with a second. He set a slow rhythm and noticed she was rocking against his hand. “Yes, please do. I want you to have la petite mort, the little death as we call it, a few times, then I shall join you”.

Stella sighed. “Um, join, or enter, I just…”. She was close to that death, and soon did not care. She had not had a man bring her to that petite in a long time, and she was enjoying it. She was even wetter now.

Rene slowly brought his hand up to his mouth and licked his finger. He sighed, “Stella, may I taste you more”. Stella nodded her head. He offered her wine, and she took a drink. He too took a drink of wine. He then moved things so they were less likely to be spilled. He laid Stella down. She could not get the image of him seductively licking his finger out of her mind. That was so very sensual.

He kissed down her body, and his tongue found her juices. He lapped them up and spread them over her nub. He began to work her center with all sorts of movements, almost as if he were painting her juices over her with his tongue. He would wriggle against her, causing his nose to rub her bud, while his tongue darted into her. He raised his head to put his tongue back on her nub. She was jolting now. Each lash of his tongue on her nub was electric. She began to shake. Sensing she was close to climax, Rene sped up his movement, Stella replied with a cry. Rene was enjoying making her come. He wanted her to be well pleasured. She came harder this time, shaking and moaning his name. Rene kissed back up her body.

“You see, it is a little selfish why I wish you to come a few times. Each time, is more intense for you, so if I do my job right when I am entering you, I get to feel you come even harder. That, ma cherie, is a lovely thing. To have the woman wrapped around yourself grabbing you, ahhh” he winked at her.

“mm, yes, Rene. I think it’s time we wrapped you up”, Stella said with a sly grin of her own. She was really starting to come out of her shell.

Soon, Rene had a condom on, and was lowering himself to meet her. His member was straining, and he wanted to be in her so badly. Rene kissed Stella hard on the lips and asked if she was still ok. Stella agreed. “Rene, if you and I had had wine, and say we had been together enough that we were familiar, what would you have just asked me”.

With that, Rene whispered a very sexy, and very naughty phrase into Stella’s ear. She thrust her center to him and answered with a delighted “oui”.

Rene entered her. Stella was throbbing. He set a steady rhythm, which matched his nibbles on her ear. She was moaning louder now. He continued that pace but soon felt the need to show her how he saw her. He slowed his rhythm, and pulled up on his knees. Soon, he had Stella turn around and lower herself onto him. She looked up and realized that she was facing a mirror. Rene was behind her, nibbling on her ear. One hand was grasping a breast, and the other was moving down to her nub.

He began to thrust into her again, and she met his pace. At first she did not want to look at them, but Rene urged her to open her eyes. He detailed what he saw, and what they were doing. His language was blunt, but never crude. At times, there was an overwhelming sweetness how he described her body. His hand began to massage her nub as she began to ride him. She was becoming more and more turned on watching herself as she was had by Rene, and having him.

Rene started rubbing her faster, and Stella cried out. With this she really began to ride him hard. he was urging her on and soon her body was shaking from climax. She leaned forward, to steady herself on her arms. Rene stopped, and Stella shook her head no.

Rene looked in amazement. Stella nodded her head and said, “Rene, please, do not stop until you have”. With that he plunged into her again. Rene was enjoying each sensation of his long strokes in and out. They fit each other wonderfully. It did not take long for him to reach his near peak. He was soon moving faster, at Stella’s encouragement. He could hardly stand the pressure when his body shuddered and he climaxed. He cried out words in French and kissed Stella’s back. They collapsed together on the mattress. Rene held Stella close as they spooned.

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