Calvin could only think of Heather. She was in his head over and over. Heather was home with the kids. He focused, and he saw the twins sleeping. He was new to remote viewing, but was a quick study. Heather and her friend were both into metaphysical studies, and she had told him about that. He put his focus back on the house again, searching for Heather. He found her alright. She was on the bed, her clothes in disarray. His wife was going to town pleasuring herself. Calvin gasped.

He got up and closed his office door and returned to his desk. He put his focus back, standing in the corner of the room like he had been taught. Yep, Heather was taking care of business. Calvin was surprised and excited to see her doing this. Soon, he noticed it was as if she was looking at him in the corner. He could hear her, “well, hello”. Calvin wasn’t sure what to think. He realized a smile crept onto her face.

“So, you uh, needed”, he paused, not entirely sure how his wife would hear his thoughts.

“Yeah, I can hear you big boy…so, I realize you are probably wondering why I had you take the day off tomorrow”, she was now fondling one of her breasts. “See, your parents have been begging to watch the babies on their own for a night. And, wouldn’t you just know that today is three months. I’m cleared for your big old redwood to be back where it belongs”.

Calvin gulped. He was beside himself. He could hear his wife, and it was clear she was sending him these messages. Had he known intuition could be like this, he’d have developed it sooner. “Hey, if you want to, then why”, he paused.

“I can’t help it, I’m just so horny babe. And, I was kinda hoping you might get out early. Your mom is going to be here in an hour, and I thought as soon as she leaves, if you got here, I would be quick to get ready, and well, we can have a little husband wife time”. Heather flashed her amazing grin.

Calvin chose his thoughts carefully, “I think I can get outta here, but you want me there after mom”, he asked. Heather nodded her head, and continued to work her nub as her hips lifted off the bed a little. “Oh, right, if I were home, mom might not ever leave”, he laughed to himself. His wife smiled and nodded.

“You know I adore your mom, Cal, but let’s face it, when you are home she likes to visit. Normally, I do not mind, but tonight I have plans for you”. Heather began to moan softly, and all the way in his office, his mind heard her moan.

“Damn” he said softly. He was really enjoying this, but if he watched much longer, a problem would arise that he could not take care of at work. Heather seemed to understand, and urged him to hurry home.

Calvin could not wait for an hour to pass. He texted Heather to make sure his mom and come and gone. Heather replied that she had actually come a few minutes early, and yes, she was alone.

Calvin and Heather loved being parents, but they also needed to reconnect physically. They both had been so tired as new parents. They didn’t have the energy to spend time together sexually in the ways Heather’s OB-Gyn recommended to pass time for the three months before they could resume intercourse.

Calvin got in the door, and called out. Heather was upstairs. He ran up the stairs, wondering what Heather had in mind. He realized she was in the master bath. “Hey, I’ve been a very dirty girl, so I decided I needed a bath”, she purred.

Heather stood up and the water was running off her body. He loved her curves. Pregnancy changed her body, but as far as Calvin was concerned it was for the better. She pulled him close and started removing his work clothes. Calvin smiled as he kissed her passionately. His lips crushed against hers. Calvin stepped back so that Heather couldn’t reach him.

Calvin remembered that his wife loved to watch him remove his clothes, so he did so slowly. She smiled as she watched him. Oh how she loved his body. He was fit, without being overly muscular. His arms and chest were strong though, and he had full chest hair. Oh yes, she thought her man looked all kinds of good.

Calvin’s clothes were off, and he slowly strode over to the closet to put them in the hamper. After Heather’s display this afternoon, he was going to torture her a little just as she did to him. Calvin reached down and began to slowly stroke himself. He heard Heather gasp and moan.

“Now dear, don’t you want me to take care of that”, Heather asked sexily, but with just a little stammer.

“Hmm, I think this is pay back for what I witnessed this afternoon, love”, he teased back . He noticed Heather shifting. He could tell she was getting wetter. “Something wrong”, he said with a wink.

Heather laughed as she playfully teased, “oh, you”. She lowered herself back in the tub. Calvin strode over. He climbed in so that he was opposite her. He pulled her close. He kissed her mouth, cheek, ear, and throat. He wanted her badly, but wanted to get her good and ready. As they kissed passionately, his hand went to her breast. He began to massage it, and her nipple quickly hardened. He began to suckle, and laughed when he remembered that she was still nursing. He decided to just kiss and lick.

Heather laughed when she realized why the shift. “No milk, dear”, she teased.

Calvin grinned and feigned offense and gently swatted her on the behind. Heather moaned. “Oh, is that how this is going to be, oh yes”, she purred.

Calvin had Heather squirming as his hand went down to her junction and worked it. “Babe, I want you to tell me when you think you’re wet enough, if we need lube”, Calvin said, wanting to ensure she was ready. Heather nodded her head. She couldn’t think, he was working her so well. His fingers gently entered her, and she moaned. It was then Calvin decided out of the bathtub might be easier to ensure his wife was wet enough.

Calvin rose up and helped Heather up. He dried them both off and lead Heather to the bed. He threw back the comforter, and Heather laughed as he flung it further than he realized. Calvin placed Heather on the bed and got between her legs. He was determined to help her get off again before he entered her. He worked her nub with his lips and tongue, and wiggled his nose against her and soon she was crying out. He forgot how much he loved going down on her as it had been a bit. She was so wet and soft.

He kissed his way up her body and when Heather asked to return the favor, Calvin shook his head no. As much as he would enjoy that, it had been a long time since he had his wife. Calvin placed his throbbing cock at her opening. He ran it up and down her opening. She was tossing her head back and forth. “Please, hon, oh I need you, Oh c’mon Calvin”, she was beside herself.

Calvin entered Heather and went slow. He could tell she was just a little sensitive there, and so he went very slowly. He paused giving her time to get used to how he felt. She was throbbing. He pulled out slowly looking at Heather for guidance. She nodded her head and he slowly pushed back in. He continued this slow, gentle pace and both of them enjoyed the rhythm that was not as hurried.

With each slow stroke, he could really feel his wife. She enjoyed his hardness inside her. They were both getting closer when Calvin went just a bit faster. Heather nodded her approval at her husband. He began to thrust a little harder as well. “Hell yeah, babe”, she blurted.

Calvin laughed and thrust with a wiggle. He was so close, he felt her, and saw his wife’s amazing breasts jiggle with each thrust. Her face was flushed. He was so happy to return to this connection. Heather squeezed her kegels, and said, “fast and hard now please, I wanna come hard”.

Calvin looked at his wife a bit surprised, but complied. He thrust into her as she asked, and she was crying out. He couldn’t stop himself now, and came hard into Heather. He pumped a little longer and she reached her orgasm. Heather came hard and was shuddering. Calvin pretty well felt like a stud. Heather smiled and kissed him thanking him.

Calvin laid down and pulled her close. “So, give me 20 and I think I wouldn’t mind going again”. He winked at her as she nodded her head in agreement.

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