Anne decided to continue the reception story of Douglas and Lindy…

It was 11:00 and Susie was at Lindy’s door. Lindy was just walking up. Susie had an ear to ear grin. Lindy was used to Susie’s intuition, but was slightly surprised it was already on. “So, how was last night, do anything the work place would frown on”, Susie inquired with a huge grin.

Lindy filled in Susie. They were both giggling. Susie was glad Lindy had a date for the wedding. Susie explained that the night was tamer than they expected, but nonetheless a great night. Lindy then thanked her friend for the gorgeous early gift of the matching lingerie set. Susie admitted her sixth sense kicked in, that despite her protests, Lindy would need a beautiful bra/panties set. Lindy said that once Susie sent her the gift for being an attendant it made sense why Susie just had to know Lindy’s sizes for everything.

Susie promised to keep Lindy’s night a secret. Lindy and Douglas had agreed he’d just be the english teacher she got to know online, that they met a few times, and he agreed to come to the wedding so she had a date. Lindy didn’t reveal anything about Douglas, and asked Susie to keep her confidence. Susie readily agreed. She had not seen her friend this full of sex appeal in ages.

The girls all teased Lindy about missing the fun. Susie kept Lindy’s confidence, just as Susie had promised. The day was a fun one, and filled with love. Susie looked a beautiful bride, and her groom was handsome. As they all arrived at the hotel, where the reception was to take place the manager from the night before called out to Lindy.

He explained that the heating/ac unit in her room had issues and they needed to move her room. When Lindy asked what room he said that due to the issue she had gotten an upgrade. He handed her a room key with a wink. It was then that she realized Douglas had likely had a hand in it. Susie came over and they agreed that she should go get her room settled. Again Susie’s sixth sense kicked in. She reminded Lindy that they were not doing the formal introductions before dinner, so she had about 30 minutes.

Lindy went up to her new room to find Douglas there. He was wearing a very nice suit.

Douglas greeted her with a huge grin and a kiss. “You look amazing, Lindy. That red color was made for you”, he exclaimed.

Lindy noticed her things had all been moved. “I hope you are not offended, but I had the hotel staff upgrade your room, no charge to you, and move your things”, Douglas stated. Douglas was worried that it would make Lindy uncomfortable. Lindy liked that Douglas wanted to spoil her a little. She said so to him. “Douglas, I like that you are doing this for me. I know it could seem weird, but frankly, it’s kind of a turn on to find you’ve upgraded my room and are looking at me like I’m a delicious bit of cake”.

“Hmm, wouldn’t pie be the better naughty metaphor”, Douglas said with a wicked grin. His intent was all over his face. He wanted to see what she was wearing under that dress.

“Well, I suppose”, Lindy purred. Douglas pulled her closer and began to kiss Lindy.

“I have been wondering all day what you’d look like. Lindy, if I didn’t know any better, your friend picked that dress out explicitly for you. You look amazing. It hugs your curves just right, but flares out in a most ladylike fashion so that it is not completely overshadowing the bride, presumably”, Douglas commented.

“I am glad to know it exceeded expectations”, Lindy said with a blush.

“Pardon me if I sound like a randy schoolboy, but what do you have on under here”, he said as he raised the skirt of her dress. Lindy sighed, and Douglas sucked in his breath.

Douglas saw the crimson lace panties with the satin ties on each side. His hand went to one side, and slowly pulled on a tie. Lindy gasped. “Oh yes, I like these”, Douglas kissed Lindy as he said this. He then un-did the other tie. “Oh dear, looks like they’ve fallen”, Douglas said with a wink. He then raised her dress and handed it to her. Lindy held it as best she could.

Douglas knelt in front of her, and began to lick her. Lindy gasped and moaned. “Douglas, you naughty, naughty man, what on earth”, she said. “My dress, is going to be completely wrinkled”, she exclaimed.

With that, Douglas rose up and spun Lindy around. Next thing she knew, her dress was unzipped and falling off her. Douglas carefully lifted it over her head, and gently laid it out on the bed.

“Guess you don’t plan on us using the bed”, Lindy panted. She was turned on, but also a little shy as she had no panties on, and Douglas was eyeing her up and down in the mirror she stood in front of. Lindy began to turn when Douglas stopped her.

“Oh, no, the view is much too beautiful”, Douglas said as he came up behind her. His hand circled her waist, pulling her close as his other hand traced along her breast, in the satin cup with lace. “Very nice choice”, Douglas said in a low voice.

Lindy was getting even wetter. Douglas would flick her earlobe with his tongue as he spoke. His other hand started moving lower, so that he was massaging her sensitive junction. “I hope you don’t mind Lindy, but I rather like the idea of you in this half naked state being pleasured. I want to watch you”, he continued. Douglas was beside himself with desire. He felt more confident than ever, and Lindy’s moan and head nod told him that he was on the right track.

Lindy’s head went back and leaned on his shoulder. “Don’t get me too riled up in this position, my hair will become a hot mess, and my friend will notice”, Lindy gasped.

Douglas chuckled. “Oh Lindy, I’m afraid I can’t make that promise. I may only have 20 or so minutes, but I intend to make sure you remember them”, with that Douglas began to work her with his lower hand. His upper hand massaging a firm breast with a taut peak. Lindy lifted her head and began to grind against him.

Douglas looked surprised, and it was Lindy’s turn to be seductive. “Mmm, that’s right Douglas, you have me wanting to rub myself all over you”. Lindy was practically riding Douglas’s hand, and she kept grinding against him. Lindy enjoyed the back and forth of their seduction, and just like last night, they seemed to enjoy playing a role with one another as much as being themselves.

Douglas was harder now, and he could barely stand it. He could sense Lindy was close, so he spun her around. He knelt before her and finished her off with his lips and tongue. She was surprised and gasped. “Well, now, dear. I couldn’t very well have you grinding against me. I’d be done before I got to enjoy being in you”. Lindy moaned and told Douglas to hurry up. Douglas wondered if she meant the time when he realized the fire in her eyes. She wanted him just as badly as he wanted her.

Douglas had a condom in hand and was dropping his trousers. Lindy helped remove his jacket and had his shirt off to his surprise. “Wouldn’t want it getting all wet now would we”, she purred as she pushed against him. As Douglas removed his boxers, Lindy turned around and bent over. She could see the passion in his eyes flare when she did this. “All yours”, she said.

Condom on, and member aching with need of Lindy, Douglas plunged into he without hesitation. She cried out softly “yes”. Douglas began a steady rhythm and began to massage Lindy’s ample chest. He used it to steady himself as she began to buck against him faster. If the night before was about sweet, slow seduction, tonight’s theme was pure sizzling sex.

Lindy felt alive. She could not have imagined these encounters with Douglas even a week ago, but was so thankful for them. He made her feel safe and womanly and ready to be as wanton as she’d always fantasized.

Lindy then urged Douglas on. It took only a few words, and Douglas was pounding into her faster and harder. She was crying out softly with each time their bodies forcefully met. It felt so good to feel the fullness of him crashing into her. Douglas was beside himself. She was fully wanton tonight, and he loved it. If he thought last night made him feel like a new man, tonight was beyond that. He felt as though he’d give Lindy any pleasure she desired. By the lusty gaze, he knew she liked him taking her a bit faster and rougher than the night before. It was not his usual style, but he couldn’t complain either. It felt damn good to just let go full on.

Soon, Lindy was reaching her peak. Douglas reached down and worked her nub again. She now was pulsing, and he sensed her gripping him tighter. Oh how good that felt. He bucked a little harder, and to his surprise, they came together. He pulled out and Lindy spun around and kissed him hard on the lips. “Thank you, you have no idea, oh my thank you”, she breathed. “I cannot wait to see what we have in store after the reception”, Lindy panted.

Douglas wordlessly nodded his head. He went to get her dress, in awe of this gorgeous woman. She stopped him, “my panties”, she questioned.

With a gleam in his eyes, Douglas stated that he rather hoped she’d not wear them.

Lindy let out a long laugh. “My darling Douglas, I’m sure you would like to hope that. However, I’m about as wet as can be, I’ll be lucky, even after you clean me up, if those tiny little panties can contain your effects on me. I’m not about to risk a wet spot on my dress”, she fired back at him.

Douglas saw the Celtic warrior goddess rising up in Lindy, and enjoyed it. He decided to err on the side of caution and lead her to the sink to clean her up. He took the opportunity to do the same for himself. She brought him his boxers and helped him with his shirt. He noticed that she still did not have panties on, but thigh high stockings and heels. He smirked.

Lindy giggled and pointedly reminded him that as he untied her panties, he would now tie them.

Douglas agreed, but assured her once they cut out of the reception, he had every right to remove them again. Lindy agreed, but teased that she wanted him to use his teeth next time to untie them. It was Douglas’s turn to laugh and he then informed her of his thoughts that she was indeed a Celtic warrior goddess apart from her name being most un-Celtic.

Lindy agreed, and pointed out that her mom named her after a good friend, but that her middle name was in fact, Colleen.

Soon, they were both presentable again and headed to the reception. Susie and her husband warmly greeted them both. Lindy and Douglas made their way to the bar for a glass of wine, and to the table. The evening was lovely, lots of laughter, and there was a feeling of love and magic in the air. Susie’s family made it quite the festive occasion.

Douglas and Lindy danced quite often. Towards the middle of the reception, Douglas and Lindy were dancing again. Douglas began to whisper in Lindy’s ear. He told her how she gave him a new lease on life. He thanked her. Douglas acknowledged that they may never meet again, or perhaps they would keep in contact, but that either way, he’d forever be thankful for her.

Lindy agreed, and shyly admitted to Douglas she didn’t want to think beyond this evening. She knew with both of their jobs it would be difficult to do this, but that perhaps over breakfast they could talk about it. Douglas sensed that Lindy didn’t want to ruin the fantasy of what they were sharing. He secretly agreed. Both feared it would be just that weekend, but both wanted something more.

Soon, Susie made her way over to them both. “I, being of sound mind, more or less, and very sound body according to my new husband, do hereby declare that one Miss Melinda Colleen is relinquished from any further expectations to be at my reception, dance to the most fun and cliched collection of music, and or, helping the bride out in the bathroom. Being the woman of the day, I do hereby expect my friend, and her new friend to go off and do all sorts of naughty things that she’ll later describe in detail. So, Dougie, make it good”.

Douglas and Lindy laughed hard at Susie’s bold pronouncement, but both were secretly glad she was telling them to go off and be alone . Lindy excused herself, and walked with Susie. She thanked her dear friend profusely. Susie encouraged Lindy to not over think things, and to go have fun. With a wink, Susie reminded Lindy that people have met in stranger ways.

Lindy returned to Douglas and grabbed his hand. She was eager to spend some time alone with him. Even though a few hours ago they had shared pleasure, she was ready for more. Lindy had not had a purely sensual anything in a long time. Douglas was clearly of the same mind. He agreed.

Douglas and Lindy began to kiss in the elevator. When they caught themselves, they both laughed at acting like teenagers. Douglas opened the door, and Lindy saw that he again provided champagne. Lindy rushed to the bucket and squealed. “Douglas! You read my mind. I was hoping we could enjoy champagne again. Oh, please know, I don’t expect this sort of thing all the time, but it just so fits our weekend together. I have no idea what is next, I just know right now I want the feeling of bubbles in my mouth and you in me”. Lindy gasped when she realized what she had said.

Douglas feigned shock as he made his way to Lindy. “My dear Lindy, promise me one thing, never ever apologize for being a woman willing to express her desires, sensual or spiritual or silly”. It is so refreshing to see this side of you. You should be like this with one you trust. This is who you are. Giddy, giggly, smart, sexy, strong, powerful, and right now, very, very horny”, Douglas said as he noticed Lindy was already peeling off her dress.

Lindy carefully put it back on the hanger and into the garment bag. Douglas opened up the bubbly and poured them each a glass. Lindy was feeling alive. Douglas’s words reminded her that yes, she should be that woman. She was so grateful for him, but his gaze was making her want to be a seductress. She strode over to Douglas, and quickly removed his jacket. He began to reach for the bows when she moved back shaking her head. Douglas shrugged as he realized that not only would she not allow it, but that his hands were full with the two glasses. She took one from him and swallowed some champagne, keeping eye contact.

It was Douglas’s turn to blush a bit. Lindy then set her glass down and removed his tie. As she went to undo his belt, his hand again moved toward one of the bows. She gently brushed his hand away. “Now, now, I don’t want to have to spank you”, she purred. Douglas’s eyes lit up. Lindy didn’t know how she knew, but just as Douglas had hit on a fantasy for her last night, she was hitting on one for him.

Lindy realized last night was rather mutual, but tonight she was enjoying the fun of taking lead. Lindy had his pants off, and his shirt off. She pushed Douglas’s boxers off, and had him sit in the oversized chair. Douglas removed his socks, and noticed Lindy had protection in hand. She soon had his member in hand and she applied the condom quickly but also artfully in such a way that Douglas was getting really hard.

Lindy hopped up and grabbed the wine glasses. She handed Douglas’s to him. Lindy just watched as they both enjoyed the bubbly. Douglas’s eyes were all over her. She set down the glass, and slowly removed her bra. Douglas was transfixed. Her arousal was evident as there were two hard peaks jutting out from her creamy white breasts.

Douglas moaned quietly as her hand skimmed down the front of her. She reached inside her panties and stroked herself just a little, she was very turned on and couldn’t help herself. Douglas shook his head no, and smiled. “Oh no, please allow me”, he teased.

Lindy then took another sip of champagne. It was evident by Douglas’s straining member he was so very ready for her. She slowly untied each side of the panties, letting them drop. Just as she put her leg up to remove her shoes, Douglas cleared his throat.

“Lindy, by some stroke of sheer dumb luck on my part, I am watching you enact one of the most replayed fantasies in my mind. If I could ask such a thing, is it possible you’d leave the hosiery and heels on”, he asked with a quaver as though he still couldn’t quite believe his luck.

Lindy was loving his reaction, his attention. She nodded her head. She did her best slow stroll, emphasizing each stride. It showed off her curvy walk to it’s best. She got in front of Douglas and bent down and kissed him hard. Lindy settled herself over top of Douglas so that she had a knee on either side. Her wetness brushed against him, and both moaned.

“Oh, look, I’m loving being the seductress, but right now, I just want you”, Lindy exclaimed. Douglas nodded in agreement. Both helped Lindy raise up so he could position himself to enter her. Lindy slowly lowered herself savoring each moment of his filling her. When he was completely in her, she kissed him again. This time, though, it was long, slow and sensual.

Douglas returned her kiss. His hands ran up and down her back before softly kneading her behind. She slowly began to move in circles. Douglas moaned his appreciation. She kept going in slow circles. Her nub being stimulated with each round.

They continued to kiss as she circled. For all the fire she thought would happen due to earlier, this was again different. Each time a new side of them came out. She leaned in closer, and as she moved her hips in a slow grinding circle, now her breasts would brush his chest. The feeling when their chests would meet was electric, especially when at one point, her nipple grazed his.

That is when Douglas grabbed her full behind. He began to raise and lower her. He matched her slow, steady rhythm. Sensing she got his need to change the rhythm, he moved a hand in front to massage her breast. She continued to raise and lower herself. Each of them felt the need building in the other. Lindy was now breathing in short panting breaths.

Douglas was buried in her neck, kissing and licking. Lindy began to feel that lovely, delicious pressure build. Her center was throbbing, and she was so very ready for release. Soon, her walls were shuddering as she came. Douglas just kept murmuring “yes, oh yes” into her neck.

Douglas was close. Lindy whispered into his ear, describing what they did just then in vivid, explicit detail. That was all it took. Douglas increased his rhythm slightly and soon was himself enjoying release. He thanked Lindy over and over. They continued to stay curled up and had some more champagne. Soon, Lindy realized she was getting sore muscles from her position.

Lindy got up as did Douglas. They went to the bed where they snuggled together. Both were tired, but neither was quite ready for the night to end. Sleep won out. In the morning, Lindy and Douglas joined again. This time it was sweet, and yet very sexual.

Douglas ordered breakfast and over their meal they talked about the logistics of trying to continue something. Lindy and Douglas both felt there was more to their shared good time than just two people needing sexual release. Yet, how would it all work. They both agreed to communicate during the week, and see about another date in a few weeks. Lindy lived a little over an hour and fifteen minutes away, which made it less practical to get together a lot.

Once they had agreed to give dating a go, Lindy decided to suggest a shared shower. Douglas was appreciative of her idea, and they were soon cleaning each other and adding to the already wet environment of a shower. Remembering how much Douglas liked it the night before, Lindy bent over and spread her legs. Douglas gladly revisited the encounter from the night before, and both were enjoying the added attraction of the water. Once they both came, Douglas slowly and leisurely cleaned Lindy. Before she knew it, he was on his knees before her giving her pleasure. He had certainly learned how to set her off. She cried out his name loudly, and both laughed.

They dried off and got dressed. Lindy hugged Douglas tightly and promised to let him know when she got home. She kissed him, and he eagerly returned her sweet, yet shy kiss. Douglas knew that she had doubts about their courtship. The real world intruding into this wonderful fantasy. But if he had anything to say about it, he would show Lindy she was more to him than a sexy weekend conquest.


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